If You Have A Thing For Coconut And Chicken, You Gotta Try Nando’s New Flavour-Packed Dish

The dish can be shared by two - but you probably wouldn't want to! ;)

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We love all our coconut-y food

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All the curry, rendang, bubur cha cha, ice kacang, and laksa - some of the food Malaysians just can't live without. 

Inspired by Malaysia's undying love for coconut, Nando's has unveiled yet another imaginative dish on their colourful menu: The new Coco-Cataplana!

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When we heard that Nando's just launched a dish that combines coconut with their signature PERi-PERi sauce, we just had to try it.

We weren't sure how coconut would go with their signature PERi-PERi sauce but one bite of the chicken and we see why this kooky concoction is a hit!

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We loved the intense mix of flavours!

On top of your flavour of choice - Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime, Mild, Hot, or Extra Hot - your 1/4 flame-grilled chicken will also be slathered in the unique Coconut and PERi-PERi mix.

We're glad we went with Hot - we can't live without some pedas-ness. The heat from the chicken went really well with the creamy sauce. It was just like having Ayam Percik, but a much more flavourful version of it!

It was served in a Portuguese-style bronze Cataplana dish with a large portion of fluffy Mediterranean rice

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See that huge bronze dome-shaped thing there? That's called a Cataplana, a traditional cookware used in Portuguese cuisine. 

Our Coco-Cataplana came to us with huge pieces of succulent chicken drenched in coconut-y sauce. Beneath the juicy meat were grilled vegetables and a bed of fluffy Mediterranean rice. 

The dish can technically be shared by two people - but you probably wouldn't want to. ;)

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The rice itself is flavour-packed too, tossed with a tomato-based Cataplana sauce and smokey grilled vegetables

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Some lime and coriander lend a hint of freshness to the comforting dish.

Tip: Use the rice to soak up all the spicy coconut goodness of the Coco-Cataplana sauce. Trust us, every scoop of gravy-rich rice is foodgasm in our mouth. 

After that, just wash it all down with a tall glass of Citrus Iced Tea

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The cool Citrus Iced Tea is recommended to be paired with the Coco-Cataplana. The drink was super refreshing, especially since we just had a heavy fiery dish. The zesty lemon iced tea has a hint of freshness as it's infused with elderflower, and mixed with a touch of Sprite.

The new Coco-Cataplana is now available at all Nando's restaurants nationwide at just RM29.90. Ready to give it a try? Find out more here.

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