Netizens Are Sharing The Inspiring Ways They Aim To Create Less Trash This Ramadan

These steps are super helpful if you want to live a #zerowasteramadan.

Cover image via New Straits Times/Zero Waste Malaysia on Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

One thing that all Malaysians look forward to during Ramadan is heading out to bazaars to bungkus good food and snacks for dinner

However, in recent years, the issue of excessive waste during Ramadan has come into the spotlight.

In 2017, New Straits Times reported that Alam Flora recorded a "daily increase in solid waste collection" almost every year during the holy month.

"The amount of solid waste can be controlled if we replace it with reusable containers, so that we can reduce the usage of plastic bags and polystyrene packs," said Alam Flora chief executive officer Datuk Mohd Zain Hassan.

To battle this problem, netizens are sharing the various steps they are taking to practise a "zero waste Ramadan"

Most notably, non-profit organisation Zero Waste Malaysia and Twitter user Aroe Ajoeni have been encouraging netizens to go "zero waste" when heading out to the bazaars.

Here are some of the inspiring ways Malaysians are reducing their trash this Ramadan:

1. Rejecting plastic bags and using an own eco-friendly bag instead

Bringing your own bags to use while at the bazaar is the simplest step one can take to reduce waste.

2. Asking for food to be packed in reusable containers

3. Saying no to plastic straws

4. Using bring-your-own cutlery

Twitter user @ShuckMyBhauls even brought their own cup for their drink.

5. Buying dates without its packaging

One netizen shared the location of a place where people can buy dates without its packaging.

Not only do you reduce on plastic waste, but the user noted that the price was "a real steal" at RM55/kg.

What are some other ways to reduce waste this Ramadan? Share with us in the comments!

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