Next Time You Fly, Please Don't Do These Things...

Have you ever considered being a little considerate towards others?

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Flying is supposed to be a fairly luxury experience (yes, even if you're flying economy).

However, even the sky is not spared from the horrors of unruly and utterly inconsiderate fellow travellers.

So we thought we would highlight a few of the things some of our fellow travellers do that isn't just inconsiderate but also extremely offensive towards others.

1. If there is a vacant seat in the row front of you, please don't prop up your feet up on the arm rests of it like this:

We understand that you want to relax (actually, we all do!) when flying but doing that to your fellow passenger is just absolutely ridiculous. So please don't!

2. Don't clip your toenails:

Now, we know that while flying at 35,000 feet you would want to make the most of it, but please note that it is still a public transport, not your living room.

3. Never ever toss a coin into a plane's engine:

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Even if your intention was to ensure "good luck", just don't.

Because you're not just costing the airline hundreds of thousands of dollars on inspection, but also potentially putting every single fliers life at risk.

4. Don't have sex:

Regardless of how tempted you may feel to join the so-called "mile high club", try, just try not to indulge in the carnal act midair.

While you can argue that your right to pleasure should not be deprived at the expense of others, but it's not your private jet now, is it?

5 Don't watch porn:

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Such urges are hard to fight, we know. But surely there's a thing call decency, no?

6. Don't take off your clothes:

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It's possible that you might be feeling "too hot" in that aeroplane AC temperature, but it is still an aeroplane that you're sharing with others. So don't behave like you own it.

Have you come across such co-passengers? Comment below to share your experience with us.

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