This New Crowdfunding Platform Makes Sure Your Money Goes To Legitimate NGOs

Malaysians can now contribute to a social cause conveniently with ease of mind.

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Malaysians are a generous bunch when it comes to donations

The CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) World Giving Index, which measures how much people are giving to good causes, volunteering, and helping strangers, put Malaysia as one of the Top 20 most generous nations in its 2017 edition of the list.

In fact, Malaysians prefer giving in monetary terms because they are unable to spend time volunteering.

However, one of the biggest concerns donors may have is how their contributions are being spent and if their donations went to the right hands.

This is why NGOHub has introduced its new crowdfunding platform that promotes greater accountability

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In the past, we've had SAYS readers who reached out to us to ask about how they can help by donating funds to people in need. If you are one of them, now you can through NGOHub's crowdfunding platform.

To show our support, SAYS is happy to become NGOHub's official online media partner!

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While there are many NGOs out there that are doing great work among the local community for the betterment of the people, especially the poor and marginalised, their charitable efforts are sometimes stifled due to the common issues such as lack of manpower and funds.

Launched in 2014, NGOHub was established by Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7) Malaysia and founding partner 7-Eleven Malaysia to be the bridge that connects NGOs across Malaysia so that they don't have to struggle alone and become more self-sustainable.

Since its inception, 41 NGOs have received RM102,397 worth of grants. NGOHub has taken a step further now to launch its new crowdfunding site to allow members of the public and individuals to support campaigns that have direct, positive impact on the society and environment.

Individuals can find legitimate, trustworthy NGOs and social projects to donate on this platform

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About 500 NGOs - big and small - have registered on the NGOHub with more than 200 verified, as NGOHub strives to ensure that the public are donating to genuine NGOs and to their favourite causes.

It does not discriminate against any organisations that are championing different causes - from helping underprivileged children with special needs to building homes for elderly transgender people - the public can find various campaigns and support them based on whichever cause they feel strongly about.

Each campaign that is featured on the crowdfunding site will outline clearly: the problem its seeking to resolve, the strategy to address the issue, and the crowdfunding target.

To strengthen the accountability and transparency of NGOs and fundraisers, NGOHub requires that they include a project reporting on their implementation so that donors have a clear idea on how their contributions are being used for the causes they supported.

How to support a cause that you are interested in:

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1. Head over to the NGOHub website to view all the ongoing crowdfunding campaigns.

2. Once you have decided which cause you want to support, you can proceed to make your donation by clicking on the 'Donate' icon.

3. You'll be directed to the payment gateway where you'll be given various option on how you can channel your donation such as using credit card or FPX (transfer funds using your current or savings account). 
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There's also the option to donate using cash. Those who prefer this method can just submit their details online on the selected crowdfunding campaign to generate a code, then head over to any 7-Eleven store and make their donations anytime they want.

The NGOs can keep all the funds that were raised, even if they don't hit their targeted goal.

On top of supporting a cause through donation, you can also help by becoming a fundraiser

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If you are passionate about a certain cause or NGO, you can champion their campaign by starting a fundraising campaign on NGOHub.

What this means is that you can help an NGO by using your social influence and in your own creative way, gather more funds that will eventually contribute to the NGO's campaign and achieve its crowdfunding target. 

Anyone can become a great fundraiser as long as you are a genuine person looking to make an impact.

Be a part of social change and support a social cause that you are passionate about on NGOHub's crowdfunding platform today!

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