These Nike Air Jordan 1s With 'Factory Defects' Are Being Resold For More Than RM600,000

You read that right.

Cover image via High Snobiety

A pair of "Reverse Shattered Backboard" Air Jordan 1s were received by a customer in Italy with a rather interesting factory defect: an upside-down Nike 'Swoosh' logo

Image via High Snobiety

Andrea Canziani, a customer who purchased a pair of orange Air Jordan 1s directly from Nike at the retail price of USD160 (approximately RM662) noticed a big factory flaw on his sneakers when he received them in the mail, as reported by Hypebeast.

The iconic Nike 'Swoosh' logo was turned upside-down on only one side of the pair.

Canziani realised he hit the jackpot once he got the one-of-a-kind pair from Nike

Image via MS Mag

In rare cases like this one, a unique factory flaw could dramatically increase the price and demand of a pair of sneakers.

The US 7 pair is now set to be listed on sale by Canziani at Dropout Milan, an Italian sneaker and streetwear consignment store for 900 times the original retail price, going for USD146,000 (approximately RM604,301).

Although the pair cannot be purchased just yet, interested consignees can contact the consignment store on Instagram for further details.

Earlier this year, a pair of "Gold Toe" Air Jordan 1s also had the same factory defect and was also listed with a hefty price

It is rumoured that the pair was sold for USD96,000 (approximately RM397,348).

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