[VIDEO] Malaysian Boyfriends Try To Find Their Partners Just By Smell. Jadi Or Not?

Let's find out if one of them has to sleep on the couch tonight. :P

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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How well do you know your partner? Could you identify them just by smell?

To find out, we put a few Malaysian boyfriends to the ultimate test!

Featuring three couples — Ashley and Ding, Sze Lin and Zach, as well as Ee-Ween and Shannon — the boys were challenged to see if they could identify their S/O's scent while being blindfolded, hehe, fun! 

To make it even more challenging, NIVEA added two random girls to the lineup to confuse the boys further. :P

Watch the full video below: 

Zach started off the challenge by outrightly guessing whether the girls had showered in the morning, LOL

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Zach: "Wah! Definitely showered this morning." 

Ding: "Smells very fresh and very expensive."

Meanwhile, Ding briefly suspected that his mum was Girl 5, omgggg xD

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ding: "Kinda smells like my mum, but... I don't think she's my mum."

On the other hand, Shannon took a huge whiff of Ee-Ween to make sure that it was really her T.T

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Shannon: "I got to get a good smell of her. It has a very, like I mentioned, sweet smell to it that she has all the time."

So, how did the boys fare? They managed to guess their partners correctly!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Shannon: "I'm gonna mess this up." 

Zach: "Girl 2, right?! Yes!" 

Shannon: "Oh, haha!" 

Ding: "So, I was right! 

Ashley: "Good job, good job, good job." 

By the end of the challenge, one thing all the boys could agree on was that the girls smelled great. And that's because Ashley, Sze Lin, and Ee-Ween had been wearing the NIVEA Extra Bright deodorants for the past few weeks, oooh. :O

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

And what are the girls' verdicts, you wonder? They loved them!

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