This Coconut-Themed Airbnb In Langkawi Floats On The Ocean & Is The Perfect Glamping Spot

A tropical paradise!

Cover image via Reena (Airbnb) & @coconest.langkawi (Instagram)

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Langkawi is a popular vacation destination, attracting both locals and foreigners who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and bask in the tranquility of the sea breeze

If you're planning a trip to the island and need a place to stay, Coconest, a new and unique Airbnb that is currently trending on social media, is a great option.

Located at the base of King Kong Mountain in Tanjung Rhu, this Airbnb resembles a coconut husk and floats serenely on the Andaman Sea.

Image via Reena (Airbnb)
Image via Reena (Airbnb)

While the Coconest's exterior stands out due to its resemblance to our favourite native fruit, the interior boasts modern and minimalistic furniture

The white and brown colour palette used to decorate the interior of this Airbnb creates a natural and clean look complemented by high-quality wooden furniture throughout the space.

There is also a long table in front of the bed, designed for those on a workcation.

The best part of the room at Coconest is undoubtedly the doors that open to a picturesque view of the sea, offering guests a breathtaking and truly unique vista they can't experience in the city.

Upon opening those doors, you'll notice a vast net suspended above the floor opening, offering a direct view of the waves below.

According to Coconest's Instagram post, the net was placed so guests could "feel the rising and sinking tide while floating in the ocean".

With the beautiful sea calling for you right outside your bedroom door, all that's left to do is jump into nature's pool!

The circular space comfortably accommodates two guests seeking privacy and intimacy, but the Airbnb also has a community space if you're planning a large group gathering

However, it's important to note that Coconest was designed to be a "glamping" experience rather than a traditional hotel stay, so guests are expected to bring groceries to prepare simple meals.

As Coconest is not directly accessible from the mainland, a five-minute boat shuttle is required for both arrival and departure. Therefore, it's essential to meticulously plan your trip and ensure you bring all your essentials along with you.

With a peaceful view and comfortable living space, this Airbnb is perfect for those seeking tranquillity and becoming one with the sea.

Ready to go coco-nuts for this floating Airbnb? A stay at the glamping spot goes for approximately RM550 per night.

Here's where you can find Coconest:

H2OCEAN Langkawi
Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Tanjung Rhu Beach,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah

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