How To Spend Under RM1,500 On A 4D3N Trip To Langkawi

Here's an itinerary for places to eat, things to do, and more!

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As the world slowly gets back on its feet and travel plans are making a comeback, you might be thinking of how to spend your next holiday

If a beach holiday is what you need, look no further. We've got you covered on a budget-friendly itinerary in... Langkawi!

Here's a breakdown on how you can enjoy a 4D3N vacation (with several fun activities) in the Jewel of Kedah, without needing to break the bank:

1. Book your flights early

A round-trip to Langkawi usually costs anywhere between RM100ish and RM200ish. Booking your flights early, and during an off-peak season, usually gets you a cheaper deal than booking it at the last minute. 

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2. Renting a car for the whole trip will be time-saving

There are usually people standing around the airport offering car rentals. You can rent a small car for around RM150 for all four days (excluding gas and RM100 deposit which will be returned to you). Having a car throughout your trip saves you on waiting time for a Grab or taxi (when you're hungry, the last thing you want to be doing on a holiday is waiting for a car).

Some restaurants in Langkawi also tend to open at different hours (despite what Google says), so having a car makes it easier and more cost-efficient if you find out a restaurant is closed once you've reached. 

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3. Book an accommodation you'll be happy with

Langkawi has affordable stays from RM50 per night right up to RM400 per night. Depending on how much of a budget you're on, and what you prefer, there's plenty to choose from. 

Pick a place based on:
– How near you want to be to the beach  
– How near you want to be to the town area/eateries
– What kind of view you want (optional)
– What kind of amenities you want during your stay (Eg: Pool, breakfast, and etc)

TIP: If you plan to chill in the resort/hotel/Airbnb, then splurging a little on the accommodation might be worth it. It is nice to come back to a clean room, especially if you're spending all day out doing activities. 

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4. Plan your day-to-day activities

Some holiday-goers might prefer to just lie on the beach all day and only venture out for meals. But for those who enjoy an activity of two, there are some fun activities in Langkawi you can add to your itinerary.

These include Skytrex Adventure (RM60 – RM80), mangrove kayak tour (RM180), jet-skiing (RM550 – RM600), parasailiing (RM100), and Splash Out Langkawi water theme park (RM40 – RM75), among others. 

You can check out more activities in Langkawi here. Book them beforehand if you want a better deal.

Skytrex Adventure.

Image via SAYS

5. List options of where you want to eat before heading there (so you don't need to constantly research while on holiday)

Depending on where you eat, meal prices can range between extremely cheap to tourist pricing. If you want affordable meals, head out to less touristy spots for food. Otherwise, here are some popular suggestions on where to eat.

For seafood: 
– Weng Fung (in Kuah town)
– Zhong Hua Lou Seafood 
– Telaga Seafood Restaurant
– Putumayo

For Malay food:
– Selera Lubuk Buaya
– Nasi Dagang Pak Malau
– Restoran Kak Yan Nasi Campur
– Ok Boss Asam Pedas

For western/Indian food:
– India Palace Restaurant /Viva Italia (biryani and pizza is good but menu is on the pricier side)
– Red Tomato

For bars: 
– Monkey Bar
– Tapaz (will reopen in July)
– Hidden Langkawi
– Kalut Cafe and Bar
– Yellow Beach Cafe
– Charlie's Bar & Grill

Alternatively, keep your options open to see where the crowd is eating at while you drive around. 

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6. Prep some extra cash for duty-free shopping (if you want!)

Langkawi is known for being an alcohol and chocolate haven due to its duty-free prices. 

TIP: If you want to get the best deal, compare prices at different shops, as some places might sell certain items cheaper than others. 

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Lastly, switch off from work and enjoy your holiday!

Haven't booked your accommodation yet? Here are some suggestions:

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