[VIDEO] When Your Wingmen Try To Hype You Up To Pikat That Girl You're Crushing On

"Bro! You got this, bro!"

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Meet Ayie. He's just chilling at a cafe, celebrating his birthday with his bros, when suddenly, he spots a gorgeous girl who could be THE ONE! *heart eyes*

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

But he lacks confidence, he's got a face full of acne, his hair is a mess, and he has no idea what to say to her. HOW LIDDAT?!

Watch the full video below to see how his bros help him get the girl of his dreams:

Wahlao, his acne so teruk until someone mistook it for a sniper target :O

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Passerby: "Just now, I saw someone trying to shoot your head! There was a red laser pointed at your head too! If you get hit, really HEADSHOT! Fuh! Your head sure explode! Weh! Bro, still got lah!"

And then, he tak de confidence pulak adoiiiii *facepalm*

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ayie: "What do I say to her? Hi! How you doing? How you doing? How you doing?"

Let's not even get started on how much of a mess his hair is, ish ish ish, macam hutan!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Audio crew: "Eh? Hair like jungle, until swallowed my mic!"

Luckily, his bros are awesome wingmen who helped transform him and hype him up

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ernest: "Bro! You got this, bro!"

Adam: "Don't forget to smile and be calm, okay?"

Ayie: "Okay, guys! Let's do this!"

Haaaah, like that lah baru can grab a girl's attention ;)

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ayie: "Hi."

Ernest: "Woohoo! Yeah, that's my bro! My bro!"

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