No, Corona Beer Has Nothing To Do With The Virus. But Here's Why People Are Confused

Terms like "corona beer virus" were recently trending on Google.

Cover image via Corona/Grupo Modelo/AB InBev/New York Post & NiemanLab

In light of the recent Wuhan epidemic, two unlikely terms have been trending on Google: "corona beer virus" and "beer virus"

For reference, this is Corona beer:

Since the news of the virus spread across the globe, people have been searching for updates, causes, and prevention methods.

Interestingly enough, BoingBoing also revealed a search spike of the term "corona beer virus" from places like Cambodia, Denmark, and the US, among others.

Business Insider reported that the search for “corona beer virus” jumped 2,300% globally between 18 January and 26 January, according to Google Trends.

It's uncertain why people have related them both. But just to clear the air, the virus has nothing to do with the Mexican lager.

However, the two do have one thing in common.

The Latin word "corona" simply means crown, which explains the beer's logo.

How did the novel virus get attached to something royal?

If you zoom in real close to the infection, you will notice that they have "crown-like" spikes - hence, its name.

In conclusion? You have nothing to worry about the beer.

One just spreads sickness, the other spreads joy. Hopefully by now you can tell the difference.

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