We Unboxed These New Teh Tarik Condoms So We Could Smell It For Ourselves

Wanna yumcha? ;)

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"Wanna yumcha?" is about to sound a lot more suggestive than the one you're used to. ;)

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The freaky folks who brought us durian condoms and spicy nasi lemak condoms are back with a sweet new offering. Introducing... Teh Tarik Condoms.

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Available only for a limited time, the Teh Tarik range is ONE Condoms' third "delicacy" from their Malaysian Limited Edition series. 

Why teh tarik, you ask? Well, seeing as the classic mamak drink never fails to bring Malaysians together, ONE Condoms is hoping that their kurang manis range will also bring Malaysians closer... to the bedroom. ;)

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They come in eight super cute package designs too. We especially love the one with the teh tarik pak cik

Now, for the ultimate test - does it actually smell (or taste) like teh tarik? We asked our colleague John to take a whiff:

VERDICT: It doesn't quite smell like teh tarik, more like jasmine tea or rose tea with a hint of milk. It does smell quite nice though! Teh tarik-loving me approves. :D 

The Teh Tarik Condoms are available in boxes of three and are currently available for purchase online via ONE Condoms' website

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The limited edition range is also expected to arrive in MyNEWS, AEON Wellness, and Family Mart outlets across the country by mid-September. It will also be sold online by Guardian and Watsons. 

ONE Condoms is also the team responsible for coming up with durian and nasi lemak condoms, which we took for a few test runs: