The Beauty Of Friendship - After 8 Years, Two Girls With A Special Bond Finally Meet

If you can go through this entire story without a) crying or b) feeling an overwhelming urge to call your best friend and say how much they mean then you officially have no heart.

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Sarah and Paige have been best friends for eight years without even meeting each other in real life

They originally bonded over the fact that each has had to grow up without an arm. But their friendship is about more than that now -- they tell each other everything. Until recently, though, they'd never met in real life.
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That's because Sarah lives in Nappanee, Ind., and Paige lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Their friendship began and blossomed over Skype.

Virtual friendship: Paige and Sarah, right, talk to each other on Skype a couple of times a week.

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This past summer, Skype asked its users to send in stories of how they've stayed connected with friends and family using the video chat software.

But when the company heard about Sarah and Paige's story, it decided to do more than just write about it. Instead, a surprise reunion was planned.

WATCH: Sarah learning that she will finally get to meet Paige in person:

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The story of how Sarah and Paige came to know each other

When the girls were babies, their mothers, each looking for someone who could understand their unique situation, forged a connection over the Internet and shared photos, emails, and letters.

History: Sarah looks through news clippings with her mother. Her family reached out to Paige's parents because of the girls' disability.

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Sarah's mom Brigette said, "their difference bonded them together." Brigette actually started this bond. She found out during pregnancy that Sarah would be born without part of her arm and she went looking for a mom dealing with the same thing.

That's when she found Paige's mom, Teresa, in an online support group. "Her and I just somehow connected," said Brigette.

And now their daughters have that same connection. Sarah said, "we actually talk every single day."

They've had similarities since they were babies, both participating in dance as kids, and now both having a love for motocross, soccer, and running. But it's their similar left arms that have really brought them together. "It's helped me with just figuring out how to do things like putting up my hair," said Sarah.

Now, watch them meet in real for the first time in 8 years:

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Here, Sarah, left, and Paige are seen at a New Zealand beach after meeting in person for the first time

Ain't friendship grand?

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And if you're still not over this incredible duo, here is a clip of the girls, sitting arm and arm, after the shock of meeting each other wore off

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