Avengers, Assemble! Pandora Drops New Marvel Collection That You'll Love 3,000

Can collect the charms instead of infinity stones, hehe! ;)

Cover image via Pandora (Facebook) & Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

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Marvel fans, Pandora just dropped their new collection, and you'll definitely love it 3,000! <3

With Pandora's exciting new collaboration with Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's time for you to assemble The Avengers in jewellery form. Forget about collecting infinity stones, now you can collect charms of your fave heroes, hehe! ;)

The collection features charms that represent each of The Avengers, with incredibly intricate designs that symbolise both their personalities and their values

By working closely with Marvel artists, Pandora has been able to truly capture what each hero stands for through their excellent craftsmanship.

Using metal, texture, and highly detailed enamel work, the heroes' suits have been realistically recreated. Another cool detail is the engraving of each character's signature phrase that encapsulates their strengths in just a few words.

Here's a closer look at some of the items in the collection:

Pandora Moments Marvel The Avengers Logo Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet: Assemble your heroes on this sterling silver snake bracelet, complete with Avengers logo clasp.

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

Iron Man Charm: Invincible in 14K gold-plated unique metal blend and metallic red enamel.

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

Black Widow Charm: Ready for action in sterling silver and hand-applied enamel.

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

Hulk Smash Charm: The monster unleashed in glossy green enamel.

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

Black Panther Charm: Shines in black ruthenium plating. Wakanda Forever!

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

Other charms in the collection include Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer.

Image via Pandora (Provided to SAYS)

To celebrate the collaboration and collection launch, Pandora is bringing an exciting new digital experience to life, ooooo!

Through this, the jewellery brand hopes to provide an innovative way to connect with the world of collecting Pandora charms and the legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this immersive challenge inspired by the iconic films, fans must assemble a team of heroes to take on a multi-level mission to save the universe. Sounds cool!

The Marvel x Pandora collection is available in all Pandora boutiques. Check out the full collection on their website.

Stay tuned to Pandora's Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more updates and all their latest releases.

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