Video Of A Bull Charging Out Of Huge Screen In KL Goes Viral

The landmark has gotten an upgrade!

Cover image via Raymond Ngan (Facebook)

The Charging Bull of Wall Street, New York has competition!

Outside Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, you will see a realistic bull slowly coming to life as it 'charges out' of a massive high-definition screen.

A video capturing the bull in action was uploaded by netizen Raymond Ngan on Facebook yesterday, 9 February.

In the 17-second video, a metallic bull can be seen receiving a paint job by two robotic arms.

Once the bull is covered in gold, it charges towards a sign that reads 'Together Fight Against COVID-19', creating a three-dimensional effect as if the bull has exited the screen.

The fantastic display comes in conjunction with Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated on 12 February this year

It is even more fitting for Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to feature a bull as it is the Year of the Ox in 2021.

In less than a day, the video has gone viral with over 3,000 shares

Hundreds of stay-at-home Malaysians tagged their family and friends in the comment section of the video, prompting them to take a look at the '3D' bull ahead of the festivity.

"Happy Chinese New Year! Looks like we are getting more and more behind the times as Pavilion has already updated to this way," said a Facebook user while tagging their friends.

"It is so real. Looking at it frightens me," commented a netizen, while another added, "Let's go visit it next time. I didn't see this the last time I went. Maybe it wasn't complete yet."

"It looks like the same thing they did in (SMTOWN Museum in South Korea). I never expect Malaysia to have this special effect too," added a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Speaking to SAYS, Ngan said that the L-shape light-emitting diode (LED) screen is able to create a '3D' space illusion with a bull inside.

"However, only from this angle, we can see the realistic effect," he said.

He shared that the technology was first revealed in South Korea followed by China.

In May 2020, COEX K-pop Square in Seoul unveiled footage of waves crashing inside a glass box through a LED billboard. The display captured not only the attention of passers-by, but also the world.

A few months later, China also had a similar LED screen that showcased a spaceship docking in a mothership, creating a similar '3D' effect in the audience's eyes.

In a press release made available to SAYS, it is learnt that the screen measures 60.8m in width and 21.5m in height

"At the forefront of innovation, Pavilion KL is the first in Malaysia to showcase a 3D animation show of a Golden Bull, charging with energy and joining in the fight against COVID-19 to bring blessings of Good Health and Prosperity to the nation," said the mall.

Other than the impressive state-of-the-art screen outside the mall, Pavilion KL currently houses Malaysia's biggest golden bull in its central court, measuring 4.5m in height and 4.8m in width.

Shoppers can admire the golden bull inside the mall until March 2021.

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