People Are Lining Up For Hours To Have A Taste Of This Durian Cendol In Shah Alam

Totally worth the wait. :D

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Ever since photos of its sinfully delicious durian cendol went viral in the past few weeks, the Rojak & Cendol Shah Alam stall has been drumming up business from foodies all over the country!

Not only are locals flocking to the stall every day, durian and cendol lovers from as far as Penang, Johor, and even Kelantan have made their way to Shah Alam for a taste of the coveted cendol!

The stall - which is situated in Medan Selera Delima at Seksyen 24, Shah Alam - is only open at 6pm, but people have begun lining up as early as 3pm!

That's at least a 3-hour wait for cendol!

So, what's so special about this durian cendol? For one, you get durian flesh is placed whole in every bowl along with the usual green cendol strands and shaved ice dressed with brown sugar syrup and santan sawit.

Instead of red beans, the stall adds creamed corn to the cendol. As for the santan, they use palm oil-based santan (santan sawit) as it is said to be healthier and also has a cleaner taste as compared to coconut santan.

You can also opt to have red glutinous rice (pulut) to be added into your cendol

If durian is not your thing, the stall also offers alternative cendol varieties with toppings such as chocolate, Honey Stars and Koko Krunch, marshmallows, and fresh fruits, as well as rojak and tauhu bakar

You can have the toppings in several bowls of cendol...

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... Or dump them all in one massive bowl!

Image via Instagram @khubaib_shukri

The durian cendol costs RM10 for a small bowl and RM12 for a big one. Takeaways are only available in one size priced at RM12. Get them here:

Address: Rojak & Cendol Shah Alam, No. G2, Medan Selera Delima, Section 24, Shah Alam.

Opening Hours: 6.00pm to 1.00am daily, except Mondays.


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