8 Times Malaysians Would Be In Deep Trouble If It Weren't For A Petrol Station

It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A petrol station.

1. The "I-slept-at-a-petrol-station" incident

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Jason Poon, a data analyst tells us that there was once he was out with his friends late at night. "It was a long day hanging out with my buddies and I decided to drive home. Thankfully, my common sense told me to stop at a petrol station to rest a bit. So I took a detour, parked my car and knocked out."

"I don't know how long I slept but I was awoken up by a knock on the window by a policeman asking if I was okay. I told him that I was and I was okay to drive back home safely after that."

2. The "tiada duit" incident

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John Wong, 32 is a software engineer. "I remember one time when I was out with my then girlfriend for our anniversary dinner. We were dressed nicely and about to head for dinner at a new place in town. Halfway driving, I remembered that I didn't withdraw any money the day before."

"Just in case the restaurant didn't accept credit cards, I needed cash but I didn't want my girlfriend to know that I had forgotten. So, I stopped at the petrol station under the pretext that I needed to top up my Touch n' Go card. I went in, withdrew money from the ATM and came out of the petrol station like a boss. SUCCESS!"

3. The "my car is on fire" incident

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Shern, a university student was driving along when he heard a loud bang. "I thought that I ran over something but I didn't give it much thought. A motorcyclist on my right kept pointing at my bonnet and I realised that it was on fire! Thankfully there was a petrol station on the left. I drove to the side of the road, parked, and ran to the fire extinguisher before extinguishing the flames."

4. The "let's see how far can this car go on a full tank of petrol" incident

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SAYS content strategist, Darian Goh, was on a road trip to Penang from Petaling Jaya with his friend. He drove to Penang for a short getaway, stopped in Ipoh to refuel and calculated that they should have enough fuel left for Penang. "When we hit the Penang bridge, we had about 30km of mileage left."

"We were driving across the bridge watching the numbers count down steadily while the petrol sign blinked non-stop. When we reached the island, we hunted for the nearest petrol station and finally found one. When we pulled into the station, the bar dropped to zero. Kid you not. Talk about perfect timing."

5. The "longest parking lot in Malaysia" incident

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SAYS Head of Content, Judith Yeoh, has been stuck on the North-South Expressway for 8 hours before during Raya, when the journey should've only taken 4 hours. "The highway was THE LONGEST PARKING LOT in Malaysia. People were peeing by the roadside, old cars had overheated, and people switched their engines off because NOTHING WAS MOVING."

"I saw people walking by the side of the highway to the petrol station that had become like an oasis to stranded travellers. FOOD! TOILET! LEG SPACE! If Malaysia were to ever be taken over by zombies, it certainly felt like we finally found a safe house. Leaving the petrol station for the road again felt like a punishment. At least we could eat some buns on the way home..."

6. The "err, I think I'm lost" incident

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Shannon, 29, a lawyer was lost after her phone ran out of battery. "I was driving for a work assignment in another city and my phone didn't last the journey. I began to drive around aimlessly, before stumbling upon a petrol station. The petrol station attendants were helpful as they helped me navigate through the local streets. I also managed to buy a car charger so I could charge my phone!"

7. The "bus ordeal when I balik kampung" incident

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Johan, an engineering student at UTP told us of the time when he travelled back to his kampung for the Raya holidays. "I was excited to go back after being away from home for so long. I booked a bus and with the usual Malaysian time, we departed slightly later than usual."

"We were caught up in this HUGE jam that was not moving at all. With nothing much to do, the passengers decided to refuel their stomachs by walking towards the nearest petrol station (thank goodness for those) and bought some snacks and drinks. This definitely helped with frustrations with the traffic."

P.S. Check out Deli2go at selected Shell stations, where they serve pastries freshly baked at the station itself and good coffee. There’s something about walking into a shop at a petrol station and being greeted by the smell of pastries baking and coffee brewing…

8. The "I need Internet" incident

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Adrina, a sales manager needed the Internet to rush a client's proposal. "I was driving and the client needed a last minute proposal within 30 minutes. But for some reason, my mobile phone data was really slow and was getting bad reception. In the end, I had to go to petrol station's cafe (McD's) to leech on their WiFi. Phew!"

P.S. WiFi stations are available at all Shell stations with Deil2go. More to come soon!

Shell is currently on a 3-year mission to make sure that ALL their stations only gives Malaysians the highest standard of service and hospitality. Find out how they're planning to do that here.

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