How 10 Ambitious People Stood Out Because Being Mediocre Was Not In Their DNA

How creative would you get to land your dream career?

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1. This super addictive Super Mario-themed interactive resume by Robby Leonardi!

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New York-based "multidisciplinary designer" Robbie Leonardi has turned his resume link into a full-on interactive world that allows an employer to steer the Super Mario-like character through a cheerful, colourful wonderland of work experience and awards.

Leonardi's resume puts you in a video game where you're Player 1. By scrolling down or hitting the arrow down key, your character — which resembles Leonardi and wears a red cape — literally races through the various sections of skills, interests, job timeline and published work.

Check out his amazing CV here. Just a slight warning: You might not want to leave the site once you're there.

2. Alec Brownstein bought Google AdWords of top NYC directors to catch their attention when they Google their own names

Former job seeker Alec Brownstein relied on the vanity of a few ad execs, hoping they would stumble upon his resume while searching for themselves online. He bought ad space on Google to get his online resume into the right hands.

"Everybody Googles themselves," Brownstein explained. "Even if they don't admit it. I wanted to invade that secret, egotistical moment when [the creative directors I admired] were most vulnerable."

3. 24-year-old Elski Felson used Snapchat's story function to exhibit his 'multi-tasking rockstar' abilities

Doing away with a paper CV, 24-year-old Elski Felson of Los Angeles, California, decided to apply for a Community Support Specialist role at Snapchat via the social media app.

In just over three minutes, the tech enthusiast created a video resume, underscoring how he's a 'multi-tasking rockstar', 'graph enthusiast' and an 'experienced researcher' with 'phenomenal presentation skills'.

4. Philippe Dubost, a French man created his own website made to look like an Amazon page to 'sell' himself

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A French job-seeker has "sold" himself with an online resume made to look like an Amazon page, proving that some creativity and attention to personal branding can go a long way.

Completely designed to emulate an Amazon product page, down to the smallest details. Many of the links work nicely, taking you to a contact form or details on his LinkedIN profile page. Things like his Product Dimensions, Only 1 Available, Star ratings and frustration-free packaging from France. Even a Google Ad, similar to the ads on actual Amazon pages.

Check out his ingenious CV here.

5. Graeme Anthony's CV in the form of an interactive video allows viewers to click on other segments to find out more about him

A former PR executive and job-hunter in London by the name Graeme Anthony has created and uploaded a YouTube video resume.

After the first introductory video segment, viewers are given the choice to browse through other segments like ‘skills,’ ‘portfolio’ or ‘contact.’ It’s a nice spin on the standard resume format. The interactivity and novelty provides a hook for viewers to explore the full resume.

6. A young graduate and fan of Google, Eric Gandhi emulated the iconic search results page, which got him an almost immediate response from the company

Gandhi is a young Georgia Tech graduate and fan of Google who modeled his resume after the Google's iconic style and search results. It worked pretty well, getting him an interview with the famously selective company.

Within 30 minutes of applying with this resume for a designer position on Google’s website, Eric got a call for an interview and was offered a marketing position in the end.

7. When Airbnb didn't respond to her multiple applications and attempts to get in touch, Nina Mufleh created an Airbnb-inspired website with her brilliant business ideas

Image via Nina Mufleh

After making futile attempts to land a single interview with Airbnb, despite submitting a number of job applications, she decided to take her job search to the next level by creating an incredible resume that mirrors Airbnb’s website.

Through the website’s dozen slides, she conveys what she knows of the travel industry, what she can bring to Airbnb, and she proposes a new possible avenue Airbnb could further develop their business.

Her innovative idea caught not only the attention of the internet, but it also dazzled Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky and CMO Jonathan Mildenhall.

Read the full SAYS story here and check out her impressive website-resume here.

8. Andrew Horner's tongue-in-cheek and witty reverse job application turned the tables around which allowed jobs to 'apply' for him instead

When looking for a job in programming, Andrew Horner decided to put an end to months of frustration and the standard application process, by creating the reverse job application. Instead of applying for jobs, he built a website that would allow employees to apply for him. The site is fairly cheeky and even includes an apology if you don’t hear back from him and lists ‘usually wearing clothes’ as a key skill.

Click here to take a look at his full reverse job application.

9. Victor Robin brought his paper resume alive with a QR Code which unlocked a video of him speaking

It features a QR code in the middle of a picture of a face (on the back of a printed resume) that unlocks a video of the missing mouth on your phone.

"I realized during my previous job search that getting an interview at a communication agency is the hardest part of the process," says Petit. "I tried to create a CV that would enable me to express myself vocally as soon as they read the paper version. The combination of a sheet of paper and a QR code felt like the best way to reach that goal."

10. Hoping to land a job in Pixar, Brian Moose sent an illustrated notebook as his resume, all bundled up in a complex and mysterious, vintage-like package

Brian Moose created a completely unique resume to submit for his dream job at Pixar, consisting of an illustrated, annotated notebook, inside a film reel, inside a leather-bound album. Complex, yes, but it showcased his skills and aptitude for the job in a way no conventional paper CV ever could have.

Click here to see the photos of his masterpiece.

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