Pestle & Mortar Drops Malaysian Collection Featuring Batik Prints, Old RM1 Coin & More

The Malaysia Month Collection also features a collaboration with award-winning deaf artist Lim Anuar.

Cover image via Mike Miz/SAYS & Arisha Rozaidee/SAYS

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When it comes to streetwear, nobody does it like Pestle & Mortar Clothing

Founded in 2010 by the trio of Hugh Koh and brothers Arnold and Arthur Loh, the brand has gone from strength to strength with every passing year.

Initially a passion project to ideate T-shirt designs, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) quickly bloomed into a full-fledged business that is now one of the most recognised streetwear brands in the country if not the region.

Their success stems from their immaculate translations of the Southeast Asian experience onto their designs; indeed the name itself is derived from a common kitchen tool unique to this part of the world.

The PMC team.

Image via @hugh_pestlemortar (Instagram)

Their prestige is also owed in large part to iconic collaborations

In the decade past, the brand has collaborated with numerous other institutions big and small, from American streetwear legends The Hundreds and Chinatown Market (now renamed MARKET), to unconventional partnerships with Royal Selangor and airasia.

What is for certain is that their unique design language always shines through, making every piece look and feel just so quintessentially Pestle & Mortar.

Leaning into their proud local heritage, PMC has launched a new collection aptly called the 'Malaysia Month Collection'

In their own words, the collection is "both a love letter and supercut that showcases the freedom and unity Malaysians experience since gaining independence 64 years ago".

This 16-piece drop features homages to everyday experiences and even a couple of ambitious must-haves, with graphic tees, shirts, shorts, and accessories alike.

(From left) Kem Semangat Tee Midnight, Slackers Paradise Tee White, & M-Sat-1 Tee Heather Grey.

Image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS)

"As a brand with a vision to narrate the stories of Malaysians we take pride in, it made total sense for this capsule to be our biggest one to date," said co-founder Koh.

"The collection is not only dedicated towards Merdeka Day that marks our independence, but also pays homage to Malaysia Day that signifies the formation of our country with both East and West Malaysia."

Notable highlights include the Andy Warhol-inspired Tropical Fruits Bowling Shirt and Shorts combo, the M-SAT-1 Cap which pays homage to Malaysia's first satellite in space, and the collector's item A Ringgit Necklace Gold.

Tropical Fruits Bowling Shirt and Shorts.

Image via Arisha Rozaidee/SAYS

M-Sat-1 Cap & A Ringgit Necklace Gold.

Image via Mike Miz/SAYS

The new drop also features unique designs made in partnership with ARTDeaf Studio resident artist Lim Anuar

The award-winning visual artist infuses his unmistakeable wayang kulit and batik motifs into the Pestle & Mortar DNA, creating three pieces which would make any fashion enthusiast blush.

Called the Unity line, it has a grail of a graphic tee, and a bowling shirt and shorts accoutrement which feature understated yet all-over prints. Definitely going on the must cop list.

(From left) Unity Bowling Shirt Beige, Unity Tee Black, & Unity Shorts Black.

Image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS)

Lim was put on the brand's radar by HSBC Bank's 'We Can We Do' initiative, which aims to platform struggling artists adversely impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Following in that spirit, all proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be channelled to the artist himself, all while introducing his work to a larger audience.

Check out some of our top picks from their latest collection:

Takde Signal Tee White.

Image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS)

Kem Semangat Tee Rainbow.

Image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS)

PMCxLim Anuar Unity Bowling Shirt Beige.

Image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS)

The PMC Malaysia Month Collection is now on sale via their webstore

The collection dropped on 31 August and is now available for purchase.

You may cop the pieces online here.

Alternatively, give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter, and don't forget to show love to your hometown heroes.

The brand dropped a unique capsule collection in collaboration with KFC two years ago:

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