This 83-Year-Old Grandpa Has Enough Swag To Put Subang Boys To Shame


Cover image via @kangye1937 (TikTok)

Think you're cool? Think again. Meet Grandpa Kang – an 83-year-old who's become social media's latest fashion icon.

He's got style. He's got edge. And most of all, he's crushing streetwear like a pro.

According to South China Morning Post, Kang who is from Wuhan, China, used to be a university professor and has always loved fashion since he was young.

As he previously taught a subject about keeping up with the latest technology, Kang believes that life is all about trying new things. And he often shops for clothes with his grandson, Kangkang.

"People at my age usually wear regular clothes," he said in the video by South China Morning Post.

"They don't think about fashion. They dress in black, white, or grey. I'm different. I have my own way of matching clothes. I like to be in chic, young-looking outfits."

"Those people show that life in retirement is gloomy. That's not the truth," he continued. "I wear streetwear because, to me, it's an attitude – to keep changing, to keep up with trends."

The TikTok fashionista even has his own sneaker wall

Talk about class.

But other than streetwear, Kang can also be seen nailing formal looks in a suit.

On top of it all, the 83-year-old does sports to keep fit, proving that just because you grow old doesn't mean you need to look drab

Videos show him playing basketball, fencing, and even working out at the gym.

"Sports keep your body moving, so you stay strong. If you do nothing at home, it affects your mental health too. It's important to keep exercising even as you grow older. Don't become a problem for society or your family," he added.

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You can also check out a compiled video of his outfits here:

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