A Malaysian Retiree Is On A Solo Cycling Tour Around The World To Raise RM80K

Peter Yoong is embarking on an unconventional retirement plan to help children in need.

Cover image via Peter Yoong/@peter.yoong (Instagram)

Over the next two years, you might come across this name — Peter Yoong — for his courage and resilience.

Who is he? Peter Yoong is a Malaysian on a solo cycling tour around the world, and he's doing it for a good cause.

The 57-year-old, who has already embarked on this ambitious journey, will be cycling for the next two years, all while he aims to raise a total of RM80,000 for World Vision Malaysia to support children in need.

The expedition began in Malaysia on 20 November 2017, and Peter is aiming to finish his 'With Love I Ride' tour by November 2019.

Peter's deep interest in cycling has not waned despite being in his golden years now. In fact, Peter wants to take advantage of his newfound freedom to realise his dreams.

"Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, I am a husband and proud father of three who has been passionate about cycling all my life. Now that my sons have grown up, I want to realise my dream of completing a cycling trip around the world."

The determined man decided to embark on this journey after he witnessed how vulnerable children had to miss school to help their family earn a living during one of his previous cycling trips

From his own experience, he learned about children who had to sacrifice their education in order to stay back to help their family's business.

It was because of these encounters and his belief that every child deserves equitable access to quality education that drove him to start this initiative to create lasting change. 

Against all odds, Peter has stayed motivated to go forward, taking on each challenge that comes his way and breaking out of his comfort zone

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Peter has been keeping family, friends, and supporters updated about his latest adventures with frequent posts on various platforms from the dedicated Facebook group to his Instagram account to his blog.

He talked about his "embarrassing first day" on his blog, when he departed from his home to see the world last November. He had lost his way in Klang that day and ended up making a loop back to where he started. 

However, Peter pedalled on with sheer grit and perseverance.

In his journey so far, Peter has met many friends, old and new, all while going through different kinds of terrains on this adventure. 

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After about four months, Peter has travelled more than 3,400km so far and made his way to Nepal

From his recent posts, we learned that the trip in Nepal itself was nothing short of remarkable as Peter came down with flu and cough, while he struggled with some issues with his bicycle.

He even braved the harsh weather conditions there to fulfil his lifelong dream of trekking the high mountains of Annapurna Region.

Peter with his wife, Alice, in Nepal. Alice flew to Nepal to spend some time with her husband.

Image via Peter Yoong via World Vision Malaysia

At the end of his journey, Peter is expected to conquer about 29,000km in distance

If you can’t fathom how impressive this is, perhaps this would give you a clearer picture: The distance Peter will cover is equivalent to driving back and forth between Johor and Perlis, at least 17 times.

Imagine going through that kind of distance, all on just two wheels!

Image via Peter Yoong

While he fulfils his personal dream, it is also Peter's goal to ensure that children in need get the support they deserve.

For those who share the same vision, Peter is inviting the public - you - to support the cause.

You can be a part of this cause by contributing to Peter's crowdfunding campaign on SimplyGiving.

His travels will be entirely self-funded with a budget of RM40,000. Any money raised will be donated to his chosen charity, World Vision Malaysia's Education Fund.

"Your donation will help provide basic education opportunities to children, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and physical disabilities; equipping them socially, economically and emotionally to face life’s challenges ahead," Peter said on his crowdfunding campaign page.

At the time of writing, Peter has raised more than RM5,100 out of his RM80,000 goal.

The trip around the globe will be much more than a leisurely activity, as Peter will visit and volunteer in one of the communities were World Vision works in the coming weeks.

Pedal on, Peter! All the best for the rest of your exciting adventure! :)

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Speaking of crowdfunding and supporting causes, this platform by NGOHub ensures that all money donated will be channelled to legitimate NGOs: