PETRONAS Surprises 3 Malaysians & Fulfils Their Dreams In This Touching Video Series

A little bit of kindness and hope can make a difference in the lives of others. <3

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In a world often divided by differences, PETRONAS is embracing the power of dreams to unite people in conjunction with their 50th anniversary celebration

Through their #togetherforourfuture campaign, they are fulfilling real-life dreams of 50 Malaysians in need — PETRONAS believes that when we pay attention to the dreams of others, we are reminded that all things are possible, together.

After all, PETRONAS became a dream come true 50 years ago because of the support of its surrounding community.

The PETRONAS 50 Dreams project underscores the notion that one person's dream can become the collective will of many. It encourages people to unite in kindness, illustrating that by supporting each other's dreams, we can create a brighter future for everyone. Collaborating with advocates within the local community, PETRONAS has begun to realise dreams, one story at a time.

Among the many inspiring stories, here are three individuals who saw their dreams come true thanks to PETRONAS:

1. Mervin, a teenage boy with cerebral palsy, fulfilled his dream of becoming a basketball coach

A dedicated basketball enthusiast, Mervin has never let physical limitations dampen his love for the game. For him, basketball is not merely a pastime; it's a lifelong passion. Despite facing challenges due to his condition, Mervin harbours a dream of giving back to his community by becoming a basketball coach.

Recognising his unwavering dedication, PETRONAS was eager to support him in realising his dream. Not only did PETRONAS arrange for Mervin to meet his favourite players from the national team, including his idol Heng Yee Tong, they also granted him the opportunity to step into the role of a basketball coach for a day.

It was a dream come true for Mervin, who not only coached team PETRONAS Sports & Recreational Club (KSRP) in a friendly match against the national team, but also led his team to victory in memorable fashion. 

2. Despite grappling with hearing impairment in both ears, Sim Xin Yi's unwavering determination to support her family has never faltered

When Xin Yi was first diagnosed with her condition, it was a devastating blow to her family. Coming from a modest background, Xin Yi's family faced financial constraints that further compounded their difficulties.

Despite the odds stacked against her, Xin Yi managed to secure a job, showcasing her resilience and tenacity. Xin Yi's sister, despite their struggles, also made a conscious decision to learn sign language to better communicate with Xin Yi. This act of love and sacrifice speaks volumes about the bond shared between them.

As part of PETRONAS's 50 Dreams project, Xin Yi was provided with a hearing aid and speech therapy classes, which not only improved her ability to hear but also empowered her to communicate more effectively.

3. Atikah, a brave girl fighting stage four ovarian cancer, had her dream of celebrating her birthday by the beach come true

Despite not knowing if she would live to see her 10th birthday, Atikah, continued to maintain a positive attitude, always sporting a smile. Knowing her desire to celebrate her birthday by the beach, her parents and PETRONAS decided to make this dream a reality. 

Not only did Atikah get her wish fulfilled, she also got to enjoy the grand celebration together with friends and loved ones. This was especially meaningful since Atikah had not gotten the chance to see many of them for a long time. Surrounded by her friends and family, Atikah's birthday party was a joyous occasion that brought tears of joy to her and many others.

As the PETRONAS 50 Dreams project continues, you can look forward to more stories of Malaysians' dreams coming true.

All in all, PETRONAS is not only fulfilling dreams, but also spreading hope and kindness, showing that together, we can make a difference in the lives of others. <3

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