Here Are 6 Free Online Courses By MIT To Gain Some Additional Work Skills

Time to level up!

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Did you know world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) publishes courses online for free, making them available to anyone, anywhere?

Since 2001, the initiative called MIT OpenCourseWare has been giving millions of learners worldwide free access to knowledge.

You can take thousands of free MIT online courses through edX or MIT OpenCourseWare.

The platform continues to build on its foundation, making ever-growing content and updated courses available until today.

Image via MIT News

Here are six courses by MIT you can find online in 2024:

1. Introduction to Computer Science And Programming In Python

This course is an introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using programming language, Python 3.5.

It's the first of a two-course sequence, both of which can be found for free on the website.

The courses are designed to help people with no prior exposure to computer science or programming to learn to think computationally and write programmes.

Sign up for the course here.

2. Understanding The World Through Data

This Computer Science course doesn't require you to have any programming background.

You will be taught to examine data in all the forms it exists and learn tools to uncover relationships between data.

Not only that, you will also be taught some programming with Python to help explore and visualise the data.

Sign up for the course here.

3. Machine Learning With Python

This advanced course is an in-depth introduction to the field of machine learning through hands-on Python projects and is for students who already have some proficiency in the programming language.

With search engines and streaming platforms such as Google, Netflix, and YouTube employing machine learning algorithms for content recommendations, students will learn about principles and algorithms for turning data into effective automated predictions.

Sign up for the course here.

4. Becoming An Entrepreneur

This course is designed to guide anyone through the process of founding a company, from developing new business ideas and doing market research to designing and testing your offering and pitching.

It will teach you the skills and startup mindset needed to overcome the initial challenges of building a business and embark on the entrepreneurial path.

You do not need any previous business or entrepreneurship experience to follow this course.

Sign up for the course here.

5. Management In Engineering

As managerial ability is an important element in companies, the focus of this course is for learners to learn basic functional business knowledge and apply them through the analysis of case studies.

This course provides an overview of management issues for graduate engineers and teaches how to apply individual skills and management tools required for the management of innovation.

Sign up for the course here.

6. Financial Accounting

It is difficult to understand business without knowing some accounting. This course is to help learners contribute to their own companies by better understanding the business around them.

Classes will cover the basic structure of financial reports and the process of recording transactions to understand how to make corporate finance decisions.

Anyone looking to enter business in general, or finance in particular, would benefit from this course.

Sign up for the course here.

However, do note that free access comes with many caveats

While users are able to enroll in the courses for free, access to course readings and video lectures are only available for a limited time.

As a free learner, you will only have temporary access to course materials, not have access to graded assignments and final exams, and you will not earn a certificate at the end of the course.

You will be able to access the free content for the estimated course length posted on the course introduction page in the catalog.

Try to look for 'self-paced' instead of 'instructor-paced' courses to view all of the course's content in one go, instead of waiting for a schedule and risking expiry.

These are just a few examples of courses you can take for free. Click here to view them all.

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