5 Most Popular Online Courses You Can Complete From Home

When in doubt, level up.

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As the world advances, so too do the skills required to navigate the workplace

In this era where everything is moving faster than we can even keep up - it may be beneficial to pick up on a few skills that elevate your digital fluency.

Fortunately, you can get professional certificates from the comforts of your own home now

Coursera provides over 20+ entry-level certificates in key areas including data science, IT, and business. Each of these certificates are designed to cater to individuals who don’t have any prior experience in the relevant fields to take.

Here are the top five most popular online courses to take:

1. Learn how to navigate Data Analytics by Google

Data is the foundation of information. Get the know-how and best practices of data management only through eight short courses!

Some skills you'll be able to pick up from this course range from collecting, transforming and organising data to draw conclusions, predicting based on conclusions and making informed decisions.

Whatever piece of analysis you do for any type of work starts from raw data, so it can be beneficial to understand the basics of it.

Good for: Data Analysts, Digital Marketing Executives, SEO Specialists, Data Scientists

2. Manage your projects effectively in Google's Project Management course

With over 100 hours of project management content to sift through, you won't be at a shortage of education in this course.

Gain first-hand insights from Google employees on how they manage projects and guide teammates while solving problems.

Good for: Project Managers, Team Leads, Event & Management Executives, PR executives

3. Know how to create clean and user-friendly UX designs through Google's UX Design course

UX or User Experience designers focus on making people's interactions with products and apps more human so that it is understandable, beneficial, and enjoyable.

This course prepares users with the fundamentals of UX design such as UX research, how to apply foundational UX concepts, and how to create a seamless UX portfolio.

Good for: UI Designers, UX Designers, Graphic Designers, UX Researchers, UX Writers

4. Prepare for a career in implementing IT solutions through Google's IT Support course

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Be on the fast track to a competitively paid field through five courses that provide lessons for in-demand skills for an entry-level position in IT.

In this programme, you'll learn how to perform day-to-day IT support tasks ranging from providing end-to-end customer support and identifying problems to troubleshooting and debugging.

You will also learn how to manage operating systems such as Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code. You know, cool IT thingz ;P

Good for: IT Associates, Support Specialists, Programmers, Computer Engineers

5. Become a cool Data Analyst through IBM's Data Analyst course

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IBM developed this professional certificate for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. Data science.

Get general insights on the basics of data science, the various activities of a data scientist's job, and its methodology. 

You will also develop hands-on skills, as well as how to apply various data science skills, techniques, and tools to complete a project and publish a report.

Good for: Data Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Actuarial Analysts

And the best part of it all? They're free! Head on over to Coursera to kickstart your digital savant journey.

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