5 Google Courses You Didn't Know You Could Take Online For Free

Let's get down to business.

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Gone are the days where we need to worry about not being able to attend a class because something came up

In this day and age, we can simply view lessons online whenever we have the time. This also means that we can learn at our own pace.

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Google Digital Garage is a database of online courses designed to grow your career or business

There are three types of courses: data and tech, digital marketing, and career development.

Data and Tech courses are for anyone who is interested in computer software. Such courses include a beginner Artificial Intelligence (AI) course, programming courses, and basic coding courses.

Digital Marketing courses teach you how to understand your customers so you can come up with marketing material to generate more traction.

Career Development courses are designed to improve your interpersonal skills with courses such as Building Your Confidence, Networking, and Conflict Resolution.

The best part is that you'll get a certificate at the end of the courses, so you can show off to your LinkedIn connections.

Here are five classes to get you excited about Google Digital Garage:

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Composed of shorter marketing courses, this is the longest course on Digital Garage.

This 40-hour long course will teach you the basics of marketing such as content creation, making use of social media, and understanding web analytics.

The course will also dive into deeper aspects like the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

This class will even teach you how to set up an e-commerce site and teach you how to showcase your products!

This really is a one-stop shop if you're looking to learn more about marketing.

Sign up for the course here.

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2. Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Created by California Institute of the Arts, this course will teach you how to experiment with different font types, and different shapes and colours.

Have you heard of The Colour Wheel? Did you know that colours on the opposite side of The Colour Wheel are complementary colours?

An example is blue and orange. When these two colours are placed side by side, they are extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye.

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You will also learn how to scale different components of your picture to make the overall image more attractive.

If you're looking for ways to make your Instagram feed more IG-worthy, this is the perfect course for you.

PS: There will be a peer reviewed assignment.

Sign up for the course here.

3. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Everybody wants to learn how to code, but signing up for a coding class in person can be extremely intimidating. This is the perfect beginner course.

No pre-requisites needed, all you need to know is some simple math.

This course will cover variables and expressions, conditional codes, functions, loops and iterations - basically everything you need to know about basic programming.

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Sign up for the course here.

4. Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity

If you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done, you should definitely sign up for this class.

In addition to teaching you how to incorporate smart working habits, this class will teach you how to delegate your time efficiently

Most importantly, the course will teach you how to say "no" to making plans, especially when you need to get things done.

Sign up for the class here.

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5. Speaking in Public

If speaking in public sends you crawling into a hole in fear, then this is the perfect course for you.

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In addition to teaching you how to structure your presentation, this hour long class will teach you to how to get rid of verbal tics and teaches you how to take control of your body language. Say goodbye to "err" and "um..." and just let your words flow.

Most importantly, this short course will teach you how to manage your stress and anxiety before a presentation and teach you how to keep calm if you make a mistake.

Sign up for the course here.

These are just a few examples of courses you can take on Google for free. Click on the link to view all the classes.

Happy studying!

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