Malaysian Startup Wants To Help You Start Eating Healthy... With Saliva?

It's all in your genes.

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Have you ever wondered what food is best for your body?

You exercise a lot and avoid eating carbs but you're still not hitting your ideal weight.

Maybe the reason why your diet is not working is because you're following a high-protein diet, when it's not actually effective for you.

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Advanx Health is a local startup that wants you to take charge of your diet

Founders Wei Shian and Ping believe that people are unable to live healthy lifestyles because of a lack of understanding of their own genes.

Having previously worked as a pharmacist, Wei Shian witnessed firsthand the lack of understanding by customers about their health.

"They don't get the right supplements or make the right lifestyle change. Thus, we wanted to find ways to help people understand themselves better since everyone is unique," Wei Shian told SAYS.

"Personalised healthcare is the key to better healthcare".

Here's where it gets interesting:

Their product, Nutri&Me, provides you with a meal plan based on your saliva!

DNA extraction provides us with genes and genes can report an individual's heritage root as well as their body and health.

While companies like 23andme focuses on Caucasian genes, Advanx Health focuses on Asian genes.

"But SAYS, how does it work?"

The process is simple.

First, you order a kit online. Then you send them a saliva sample. In a few weeks, they'll send back a report.

Lastly, a dietitian will create a meal plan based on your results.

The report is split into four sections: diet management, food sensitivity, mineral and nutrient deficiencies, and vitamin deficiencies

The DNA Explorer Essential package, which costs RM499, will reveal 25 comprehensive insights based on the above sections, including vitamin requirements, degree of lactose intolerance, muscle power, muscle strength, and sports recovery ability.

The DNA Explorer Health 360, priced at RM899, will provide additional insights to your health risk, including Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, gout and more.

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