12 Yummy Low-Cal Breakfast Ideas You'll Want To Try Even If You're Not On A Diet

Healthy, delicious, and simple!

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1. Coconut Banana Pancakes

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When those pancake cravings hit, try this wonderfully tropical vegan version instead. Simple swaps like vegetable oil instead of butter and coconut milk instead of full cream milk mean that you can still get delicious pancakes without the guilt. You can also opt to switch the plain flour for a healthier alternative like wholemeal flour.

Estimated calorie count: 179 (per serving of 10 pancakes)

Full recipe here.

2. Cornflake Crunch French Toast

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Who would've thought that something that looks so decadent and indulgent would actually be relatively low in calories? The coating of cornflakes gives the soft and chewy french toast a delightful crunch. Pair it with a serving of your favourite fruits and a dash of maple syrup.

Estimated calorie count: 149 (per piece)

Full recipe here.

3. Peanut Butter and Banana Rolls

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Anything that combines peanut butter and banana is practically guaranteed to taste good. Wrap them up in a whole wheat tortilla for a quick on-the-go meal. You can also add additional fillings if you like such as jam, honey, cinnamon powder, chocolate chips, or coconut flakes.

Estimated calorie count: 160 (may vary depending on fillings used)

Full recipe here.

4. Korean Black Sesame Rice Porridge

Often used in Asian cuisine, black sesame is a great source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. You're probably used to having it in desserts but using it this way makes for a hearty and nutritious breakfast that'll leave you with a happily warm tummy. Feel free to top it with your favourite nuts for some extra nutrients and a flavour boost. Also, cooking up a batch of this will yield plenty for the rest of the week so it's efficient meal prepping.

Estimated calorie count: 220

Full recipe here.

5. Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Oat Bars

Just because you're having a cheat day doesn't mean that you have to completely throw your low cal diet out the window. These breakfast bars manage to still taste like a cross between banana bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies without containing any flour, eggs, dairy or butter.

Estimated calorie count: 116 (per bar)

Full recipe here.

6. Blueberry Muffins

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If no one told you that these good old classic favourites had been tweaked to make them healthier, you'd probably never be able to guess. Using ingredients like dried apricots, flaxseed, and yogurt instead of the usual staples brings down the calorie count yet maintains the taste we all know and love.

Estimated calorie count: 197

Full recipe here.


7. Soft Boiled Eggs and Toast

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This may be a traditional British breakfast but we reckon that Malaysians will love it too. It's pretty much just a variation on the roti kaya with telur separuh masak we always order at the kopitiam. It's a total no-brainer to prepare and it just feels so puas to pierce the gloriously runny yolk with a piece of crispy toast mmmm.

Estimated calorie count: 284 (per serving of 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast)

Full recipe here.

8. Cloud Bread

Cloud bread has been trending recently in the healthy eating circles. Essentially, it's a soft, airy, and fluffy "bread" that's both carb and gluten free as well as high in protein. It's made from only 3 ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, and baking powder or cream of tartar. How that combination creates something that tastes exactly like bread we have no idea but hey we're not complaining! It's super easily adaptable, use it as a base for toppings or simply slather on your favourite spread.

Estimated calorie count: 38.5 (per plain bread)

Full recipe here.

9. Mini Breakfast Pizzas

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Pizza lovers rejoice! You don't have to say goodbye to your favourite "guilty" treat with this low cal breakfast version. And yes, it still has cheese and toppings yaaaas. The only differences are the size, the addition of eggs for protein, and the use of a whole wheat English muffin as a healthier base.

Estimated calorie count: 265 (per serving size of 2 mini pizzas)

Full recipe here.

10. Cauliflower Oat Porridge

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This creamy porridge isn't very different from the bubur we're used to, except it uses cauliflower as a healthier substitute to rice. The addition of potatoes and oats help to really make it hearty and filling. Each ingredient plays a vital role in the recipe so make sure not to leave any out to get the full nutritional benefits.

Estimated calorie count: 171

Full recipe here.

11. Italian Garden Frittata

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Filled with protein and fibre from all the veggies and eggs, this wholesome breakfast is a great way to ensure that you're starting your day by ticking off one serving of the daily recommended vegetable intake. A single slice will be more than enough to fill you up.

Estimated calorie count: 183 (per slice)

Full recipe here.

12. Curried Eggs

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It may look like something straight out of a popular brunch cafe or restaurant but it's actually pretty easy to make and can be served right from the pan. The chilies and spices give it that extra kick for those who want something spicy. This particular recipe serves 5 so it's perfect for sharing but you can also opt to make an individual portion instead by tweaking the ratios.

Estimated calorie count: 170 (per single serving)

Full recipe here.

What's your go-to low calorie breakfast? Let us know in the comments section below!

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