Grab Just Improved Their Rewards Programme. Here Are All The Cool Things You Can Get

You can now redeem discount vouchers using less GrabRewards points than before! :O

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Good news, Grab users.

If you haven't noticed yet, Grab has upgraded its loyalty programme to offer more rewards to users, yasss! :D

Image via Grab

Dunno what we're talking about?

Open your Grab app and click on the GrabRewards page. You'll notice that your usual vouchers are being offered at a discounted rate right now, woahh. But that's not all.

Grab has recently improved the value you get back when you pay with GrabPay or PayLater by Grab.

First things first, what is GrabPay and PayLater by Grab?

Image via Grab

GrabPay is an e-wallet that lets you pay online and in-store. From Grab rides and GrabFood, to GrabMart and online shopping, GrabPay lets you make online payments conveniently. You can use GrabPay to pay at any stores that accept DuitNow QR.

Besides that, PayLater by Grab allows you to consolidate your bills and pay the following month, or in four monthly instalments. With this feature, you can also track your monthly spending within the app. For bigger sums, you can use PayLater to split your bill into four monthly instalments. All you have to do is pay a quarter of the total bill upfront.

Image via Grab

The great thing about PayLater is that there is no interest, fees, or hidden charges, as long as you make your repayments on time.

Usually, you will earn GrabRewards whenever you spend using GrabPay or PayLater.

But now, Grab wants to reward you even more, so you can get up to 1.5% value back for each transaction! :O

To qualify for the 1.5% value back, the only thing required is to sign up for GrabUnlimited, which costs just 1 sen for the first month, and RM4.90 in subsequent months. Furthermore, GrabUnlimited comes with a whole list of benefits, from free delivery vouchers to stackable promo codes for greater savings! 

On the other hand, non-GrabUnlimited members will still get to enjoy 0.5% value back whenever they transact with GrabPay or PayLater.

Wanna get a better idea of how much value you'll receive when you spend with GrabPay or PayLater? Here's a breakdown:

Image via SAYS

Firstly, GrabUnlimited members will earn 1.5 GrabRewards back with every RM1 spent. That means after spending RM1,000, you'll earn 1,500 GrabRewards.

Image via SAYS

Next, it usually takes 750 GrabRewards points to redeem RM5 in vouchers. However, Grab is now lowering the GrabRewards points required for GrabUnlimited members to redeem a RM5 voucher for only 500 GrabRewards points.

With all this amazing value that Grab is offering, you can now earn so much more just by using GrabPay or PayLater for your daily expenses.

Plus, if you are a GrabUnlimited member, you'll get to enjoy loads more benefits on top of the 1.5% value back, woahh! :D

Image via Grab

Ready to start earning 1.5% back every time and everywhere you spend? Subscribe to GrabUnlimited for 1 sen today!

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