This Year's Petrosains Science Festival Was 100% Completely Mind-Blowing

It wasn't just for kids, there was something for everyone!

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Last month, the largest science-related event in the country was back again. You seriously missed out if you didn't attend because the lineup for this year's edition was SO. AMAZING.

Festival attendees were able to...

1. Unleash their inner child (or actual kids for all the parents) at the totally cool little activity corners

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The Brown Bag Challenge

No one knew what they were in for because each bag contained something different. The unexpected was made fun as participants had to grab one and attempt to solve whatever mysterious challenge or activity it contained within. They even get to take whatever they created home.

Battle Botz by Little Botz

Anyone with an interest in robotics (particularly beginners) finally had the chance to work towards their dream of one day building their very own Baymax or R2-D2. They were able to learn the ropes of what robotics is all about with the given tools of building instructions, programming missions, and a smart device commander app.

2. Let their artistic side shine with some artsy fun

Little Picasso by ABB

This corner featured a robot that can draw! 'Little Picasso' brought the photos sent in in advance or snapped there on the spot to life in astounding artistic detail.

Art Jam by Orkibal

Talented local artist Orkibal's unique and imaginative art style has been seen in various locations all around Malaysia, from street art murals to billboards. His workshop allowed all the budding great local artists to learn the ropes and pick up some great tips from the master himself.

3. Watch some mind-blowing stage performances while wishing they were that talented

Brain Games

A street illusionist/iPad magician demonstrated just how easy it is to fool your brain by performing iconic tricks such as 'Illusion Confusion', 'Power of Persuasion', and 'Focus Pocus' from the popular TV series, 'Brain Games'.

Kelantanese Shadow Puppet Play

Kamrulbari Hassan of the UiTM Music Faculty proved that wayang kulit is a beautiful part of our culture that should be loved and appreciated with the harmonious medley of the Wayang Kulit Kelantan Repertoire and the Lagu Menyanyi Menyembah Raja.

Dr. Masashi Kishimoto and the UiTM Chamber Choir

Dr. Masashi Kishimoto, senior lecturer from the UiTM Faculty of Music led the highly acclaimed and internationally recognized UiTM Chamber Choir in a truly epic performance that left the audience completely awed at their musical prowess.

4. Listen to some highly informative and inspiring talks

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Illac Diaz, Liter of Light

As a social entrepreneur working in the ASEAN region, Illac Diaz has been tirelessly striving to empower communities through the use of sustainable construction and appropriate technology. He spoke about one of his most notable projects, 'Liter of Light', in which he brought zero-carbon, no-electricity lighting to rural areas via the use of plastic bottles turned into Solar Bottle Bulbs.

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Dr. Norhasliza Yusof, Life and Death of Stars

The petite yet highly impressive Dr. Norhasliza Yusof not only has a Ph.D in Nuclear Astrophysics but was also part of an international team of scientists who discovered the biggest star to have ever been observed to date. She took the crowd on an intergalactic journey, unraveling the science behind the life and death of stars.

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Zikry Kholil, Incitement

Ziky shared about his incredibly journey as one of the co-founders of Incitement, a thriving international community and social platform powered through fun, intimate events. Their aim is to spread positivity globally and promote social impact amongst youths.

5. Fangirl like crazy over our homegrown but internationally renowed top artists

Live performances by SonaOne, Bunkface & Paperplane Pursuit

These guys certainly don't need any introduction so we're pretty sure that you're all kicking yourselves for missing out on the chance to see them live right about now aren't you?

6. Participate in and learn from some seriously fun, interactive presentations

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Application of Tracker and Handphone in Physics Experiments by Prof. Dr. Rosly Jaafar

Prof. Dr. Rosly played a huge role in the forming of the Physics Kit and Instrumentation Research Group (PhyKiR), an association geared towards sharing research results and innovation in the field of Physics as well as opening up a space for discussion and providing facilities. Targeted towards educators and college students, his workshop was highly interesting and engaging for all the Physics enthusiasts in the house.

Virtual Engagement via Skype by Imagine U Interactive Children's Museum (USA), The Mind Museum (Philippines), & The Science Centre Singapore

Participants were able to experience new things from all around the world without ever leaving Malaysia, how cool is that? There were 3 virtual presentations held, each by a different organization covering a topic of their choice: Imagine U Interactive Children's Museum from the USA talked about the unique water cycle system in Central California while The Mind Museum from the Philippines and The Science Centre Singapore put on their own respective exciting science shows.

Sorry you missed out? Well, there's always next year. :)

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We had a total blast at the Petrosains ILLUSION Exhibition last year:

Us Malaysians totally rock at science!