Photographer Turns His 92-Year-Old Grandfather Into A Model & The Photos Are Marvellous

Gong Gong got that drip drip.

Cover image via @jives_shoots (TikTok)

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One Singaporean photographer recently made his grandfather's dream of becoming a fashion model come true with a photoshoot that's gone viral on TikTok

In a 20-second clip, Ho Song Thye shared how he used his street photography skills to curate a series of images of his grandfather, Mr Ho. 

Dressing him in a collection of cool outfits, the duo took to Maxwell Street in Singapore for Song Thye to take the photos of his granddad. From an oversized blazer to a black turtleneck, silver necklace, and a flat cap, Mr Ho donned each outfit with style as he posed for the camera.

Here are how some of the photos turned out:

Some of the images captured by Song Thye.

Image via @jives_shoots (TikTok)

Back in May, Song Thye conducted another photoshoot for his grandfather inspired by the television series, Peaky Blinders

Song Thye jumped on the opportunity to capture stellar images of his granddad, knowing that the British television show is a favourite of his grandfather.

Watch that TikTok below:

@jives_shoots My 92 year old grandpa wanted a peaky blinders themed photoshoot - hope a modelling agency signs him up soon #peakyblinders #photoshoot #grandpa #sgtiktok #fyp #singapore #menstyle #menfashion #model NEON BLADE - MoonDeity

Receiving more than 100,000 views cumulatively, many people were in awe over Mr Ho's transformation to resemble a real model in these TikToks

Some commenters stated that Mr Ho looked like a real character from Peaky Blinders with his 1920s-inspired looks.

"This is the Kaya Toasters," jokingly remarked one user, while another stated that Mr Ho looked really good for his age.

One commenter asked for more photoshoots with Mr Ho, adding that he looked cool in the photos.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Speaking to SAYS, Song Thye stated that his grandfather would often use TikTok to support some of the photoshoot videos the photographer uploaded to his page

"I often take TikTok videos of behind-the-scenes moments from my photoshoots. My 92-year-old grandfather is rather tech savvy. After I taught him how to use TikTok, he would often check out my photoshoot videos online," said Song Thye to SAYS.

During a weekly visit, Song Thye mentioned how cool it would be for his grandfather to be in one of his photoshoots.

"When I mentioned that, his face lit up and he was visibly excited about the idea," added Song Thye.

Choosing a "high fashion" theme, Song Thye stated that his intention for the selection was to make his grandfather feel young again, as well as bridge the gap between the old and youthful.

Growing up and having a good relationship with his grandfather, Song Thye stated that the recent passing of his grandmother pushed him to get his granddad involved in more family activities, such as bringing him along for dinners and lunches.

"I wanted to involve him in more hobbies, and taking part in something like this, letting him try something new, is just what I thought would be suitable," he told SAYS.

Looking absolutely fly, here's to a future in fashion, Mr Ho!

Watch the full TikTok below:

@jives_shoots Show my grandpa some love! Modelling even at the age of 92 #fyp #fyp #sgtiktok #grandpa #photography #love #family original sound - Aidenandrade

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Image via SAYS

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