11 Essential Photography Tips Beauty Bloggers Shouldn't Ignore

Have you tried making your own photo filters?

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1. Choose the right background

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Don’t let a messy background take the focus away from the subject. When taking #ootd shots, it’s generally best to do it with a clean, minimalistic background. Or you can also make your own iconic backdrop that fans will start to associate with your style.

2. Stay away from the zoom

The second you start zooming in is the second your photo starts to lose its quality. Instead, go for a great shot and then crop when editing. Alternatively, get a shot up close.

3. Avoid snapping a selfie with the front camera

It’s annoying to work hard on your make-up and hair, only to have your shot reduced to a low-res approximation of the awesome look you’re pulling. Only snap a front-camera selfie if you know your gear’s equipped to produce high-res results, like Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual’s 13 megapixels front and rear camera.

4. Opt for Macro Mode when taking close-up shots

Macro mode is great for snapping close-up shots, and is useful for when you need to draw attention to a particular object, like the make-up you're reviewing or the fine details of a ring. Click on the tulip icon and hold your camera between ten to thirty centimetres away from the object you're photographing.

5. Tap into the power of black and white photos

If your photo was taken in unfortunate lighting, black and white can be a huge life saver! When paired with brightness and contrast adjustments, it can turn your photo into something really crisp and beautiful.

Using black and white also minimises distracting elements; it's a great solution when there are (unintentionally) jarring colour clashes, or the colours are taking away from the content of your photo.

6. Look out for the Selfie Flash

If you’re out and about doing coverage for night-time events but the low-lighting is not doing your photos justice, the Selfie Flash will come in handy. Psst! The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual’s got this nifty feature!

7. Understand the Rule of Thirds

The human eye naturally focuses on one thirds of an image, and you can use this to your advantage to effectively draw attention to your subject. To do this, place the subject in one thirds of your image; left and right thirds are commonly used.

8. Create your own unique photo filters

Create a distinctive look to your photos by taking pieces of transparency film (make sure they're at least 1 inch bigger than your camera lens, all the way around) and colouring them with your favourite markers. Large, bold shapes work best. To use your filter, just hold it over your lens when snapping a photo!

9. Don't leave the important details (and people) out

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Avoid that awkward moment when the person you choose to crop out of your massive wefie becomes a crucial political decision. The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual's wide-angle front camera will come in real handy for this one.

10. Keep your colours accurate with good lighting

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The usage of natural light is extremely helpful in keeping the colours in your photos as accurate as possible. Keep this in mind when snapping swatches, outfits, hair makeovers and such.

11. Experiment with backlight

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During the magic hour (shortly after sunrise or before sunset), pose directly in front of the sun's rays and see how different body movements let light leak through in different ways. The outcome tends to give off a vintage and classic vibe.

Most importantly, have LOADS of fun!

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The happy vibes will naturally shine through your photos!

Every minute of beauty blogging is bound to be fun with the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual. Find out more about your favourite photo-taking partner here.

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