[PHOTOS] 11 Things You Missed At The Coffee and Art Fringe Festival In Publika

Were you part of the crowd at the Coffee and Art Fringe Festival that happened over the weekend? Here are some of our favourite highlights that went on.

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CAFFA, or better known as the Coffee and Art Festival was held in Publika between 26 to 28 September 2014

1. You can tell that Malaysians love their coffee. The crowd was crazy that day.

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2. Ever wanted to have a coffee, but in a beer bottle? Coffeesociete's and Garage 51's had bottled cold brew coffee ready

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3. Standing Theory presented their coffee in test tubes. Pretty neat!

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4. The festival had a gallery, displaying various Instagram shots at various coffee places. Many Instagram-ed the wall and became some sort of Instagram-ception.

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5. The festival was an eye-opener for many coffee lovers as they laid their eyes on the funkiest coffee machineries and brewing processes

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6. And as usual, coffee art pictures are a definite must. It was all over Instagram.

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7. Besides coffee, there was an art gallery on the outside, where artists can showcase their pieces

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8. Some combined the two, turning coffee stain into portraits

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9. All these while, a doodle battle was brewing outside...

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10. Another highlight was the Spoken Word, where poets can expressed their heart and soul to a perceptive crowd

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11. Music also was another outlet for creatives to showcase their talent, with various local bands performing

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