[PHOTOS] Hardcore Fans Who Went Under The Knife To Look Like Their Idols

Justin Bieber, Miranda Kerr, Ryan Gosling and more have looks fans went to extreme lengths to achieve.

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1. 33-year-old Toby Sheldon spent over RM323,000 ($100,000) over the course of 5 years to look like Justin Bieber

Toby Sheldon said, 'When Justin Bieber got famous I was so jealous of his good looks!'

Image via Starcasm.net

On top of Botox injections and hair transplants, Sheldon had costly "smile surgery" done to make his smile look just like Bieber's.


2. South Korean model Hong Yuh Reum had multiple cosmetic surgery including operations on her eyes and nose to look like Miranda Kerr

Hong Yuh Reum said, "It really struck me when I first saw her [Kerr] in a magazine. She has a baby face but she's very sexy. I knew I wanted to be like her!'

Image via DailyMail

A Kerr superfan, she also covers her bedroom walls with pictures of the Australian star, according to femalemag.com. Hong said that even before her surgeries, people would tell her mother she looked like an 'adorable non-Korean child'


3. A mother of three spent over RM43,000 (£8,000) to have her nose, chin and cheeks remodelled to look more like the late Michael Jackson

Mikki Jay spent £8,000 to look like King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Image via Iwebstreet

Mikki Jay underwent two nose jobs, a chin shave and cheek implants in order to resemble the King of Pop. Mikki works as a Michael Jackson impersonator singing classic hits such as Billy Jean and Thriller and even recreating Jackson’s infamous moonwalk.


4. Twin brothers Matt and Mike Schlepp spent over RM81,000 between them to look like Brad Pitt

Matt Schlepp, 'It was more than worth it. I would do it ten times over.'

Image via MTV

"It has definitely helped me get more girls. I'll walk and get that double-take from girls and hear the whispering that follows," said Matt Schlepp.


"If you know that surgery will make you happy, go for it. It will change your personality, the way you act and carry yourself forever. I never knew that I could be as happy as I am right now," said Mike Schlepp after the surgery.


5. 30-year-old Kitty used money that she had "saved from a previous job" to go through a six hour procedure to look like "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence

Kitty's before and after transformation and Jennifer Lawrence seen on the right.

Image via Huffington Post

After several weeks of healing, Kitty dressed up for her big reveal. “Of course I look like Jennifer Lawrence,” she said. “I thought I had a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence before my surgery and now I think after, my features are more refined to where they resemble her more.”


6. Aspiring actor Nicholas Ryan spent over RM16,000 ($5,000) for an intensive round of Botox and filler injections to make his face look more like Ryan Gosling's

Nicholas Ryan, 'I wanted more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling.'

Image via Cosmopolitan

Nicholas Ryan even changed his last name to "Ryan" in Ryan Gosling's honour and said, "I'm going for roles that demand a more rugged look in a man's face."


Xiaoqing would have made this list but she backed out of her extreme plastic surgery plan to look like Jessica Alba after her idol herself found out and urged her not to go ahead

Shanghai-based Xiaoqing said that Jessica Alba's response made a big difference in her decision to back out of the extreme plastic surgery.

Image via Ken14

Chinese woman, who would only give her name as Xiaoqing, said she was devastated after she broke up with her lover, an ardent fan of Jessica Alba who always wished Xiaoqing looked more like the Hollywood star. Xiaoqing decided to win her boyfriend back by going through plastic surgery to look more like Jessica Alba.


When Alba first found out about the young Chinese woman's plans from international press, she responded, "I think you should never have to change yourself like that. If somebody loves you, they'll love you no matter what."


On the other hand, some of the personalities mentioned above actually came together to release a song titled "The Plastics"

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