[PHOTOS] It's Obvious Sekinchan Is Malaysia's Favourite Paddy Field!

Can you believe these amazingly scenic views of a paddy field in Malaysia?

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Sekinchan is a small town in Selangor, known for its paddy field. The town's name translates to “village suitable for plantation” in Chinese.

Sekinchan in Chinese means "village suitable for plantation', the land and weather is suitable for farming of rice, fruits and oil palm trees. It is the highest rice production per acre in Malaysia. Total farming land paddy and fruits is about 4,300 acres. You can see a wide green paddy field on your right when you arrive in Sekinchan. It is also popular as a fishing village.
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This picturesque landscape proves to be a haven for photographers, with its bright blue sky and vibrant green field

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I believe most of us have seen paddy field before. But, have you ever get close to it. In Sekinchan, you can drive right beside the paddy fields. There are roads connecting the town with the small village located in the center of the paddy fields. Along the way, you will find water path (aqueduct), little bridge, birds, bird house, farmers and their giant machine. This is the main attraction in Sekinchan.

The paddy field is the most beautiful before it is harvested. All you see is an endless sea of greens.

Sekinchan was a fishing village in the 1920s, but is now more widely recognised as a famous paddy field

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The irresistible beauty of the paddy field makes it an amazing backdrop for wedding photography every year

One can say that Sekinchan is arguably the most popular photography destination for newly weds!

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The beautiful landscape is perfect for nature lovers, away from the hustle and bustle of the city

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The luscious green field is sure to make your Instagram photos stand out sans filter!

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Better get those Kodak moments ready for the perfect snapshots!

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Not only does Sekinchan inspire amazing photography, but incredible videography as well. Check out this stunning sky view video shot of the field!

Sekinchan is only a breezy 2-hour drive from KL, ideal for a day trip

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Sekinchan's fields turn green every May and November, before the harvest season. These are the best months to visit!

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In June and December, the plots of land will turn golden yellow. This also makes for amazing photo opportunities.

Meanwhile, it is completely barren in January-February and July-August, an opposite of the bright green field!

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After you're done taking photos, Bagan, Sekinchan's main fishing village has an abundance of fresh and delicious seafood

The seafood restaurants are located everywhere, with all sorts of variety to choose from at affordable prices

Besides enjoying the beautiful landscapes, Redang Beach is a short drive away from Bagan

Be sure not to miss out on the amazing sunset at the beach at around 7pm

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