[PHOTOS] Look At All The Ways People Have Repurposed Old Singer Sewing Machines

How many of y'all still have this at home?

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If you've lived through the 80s and 90s, chances are you've owned or seen one of the old Singer sewing machines

Some of you probably still have this sturdy beauty sitting at home. Whether you're still using it as a sewing machine or as a table, it certainly has a permanent spot in our hearts.

Seen as an antique today, people have repurposed their old Singer sewing machines into pretty awesome household items, such as these beautiful sinks...

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Image via Lushome

This elegant sink below is apparently selling on Etsy for over RM5,000 and at the time of writing, there's only one left!

More common are these conversions into small tables, which add a hint of character

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Image via LumberJocks
Image via Mobmasker

Others turned them into these gorgeous, vintage-looking dressing tables

Not gonna lie, kinda wish I had one of these, ahem, hi mother.

Image via Vintageholic
Image via Pinterest

The fact that this dessert table was once a sewing machine definitely adds more 'flavour' to any home

Image via Vintageholic

And check out this minibar!

Spot the hanging wine glasses and the smart wine compartments. Um, yes please. 

Image via Pinterest

Some people even use it as a stovetop

Image via Pinterest

And others made very minimal changes or turned them into sophisticated centrepieces

Here's a library card catalogue organiser that was placed atop an old Singer sewing machine legs:

And this emerald green refurbish matches perfectly with the potted Sansevieria.

Image via BBFRÖSCH

In what other ways can the Singer sewing machine be transformed? Let us know!

Check out this old Singer advertisement and other nostalgic treasures from old Malaysia:

You wouldn't believe what some popular spots in Malaysia were once used for:

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