[PHOTOS] NGO Brightens Up Street To Promote Pedestrian & Road Safety Around Schools

To more beautiful, well-designed, and safer streets!

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The street right in front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Danau Kota 2 in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur has never looked more vibrant!

Recently, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and a few mobility advocacy groups set out to brighten up the street in front of the primary school to create a safe space for students and pedestrians to walk

In a press release, international urban design organisation Global Designing Cities Initiative (GDCI) said it collaborated with DBKL and local liaison Bike Commute Malaysia, under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS), to create school zones that are safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

In an Instagram post explaining the pilot initiative, GDCI said it carried out the project with DBKL and Bike Commute Malaysia to consult the school and test new street designs in the area.

"Although the recommended speed level in residential and school zones in Kuala Lumpur is 30km/h, many vehicles exceed this limit," they said.

With the help of volunteers last month, they painted areas for walking, cycling, and bicycle parking, as well as demarcated more drop-off and waiting areas for children and caregivers on the street.

The final design consists of many bright colours, with clear lines, markings, and barriers to separate the sidewalk and cycling path from the road

"The final street design intentionally includes extended sidewalks, traffic calming measures, and narrower lanes to encourage vehicles to slow down, as well as pedestrian crossings where people are naturally inclined to cross," said GDCI and Bike Commute Malaysia.

By having safe and walkable streets for pedestrians, they added that the project also serves as an example of promoting first and last mile connectivity.

The colourful street garnered tremendous praise from netizens, with many hoping that the initiative could be implemented in more schools and communities within Klang Valley

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

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