[PHOTOS] Singapore Airlines' New A380 Offers The Most Luxurious First-Class Suites

An experience like no other.

Cover image via Australian Business Traveller

The new first-class cabin in Singapore Airlines' A380 is the fully-enclosed first-class suite that offers a presidential experience

Some of the features include a sliding door and double-bed option for the first two suites in the aisle. The suites feature a fully flat bed and a separate leather recliner, allowing passengers to relax upright without having to convert a seat into a bed.

The cabins offer double bathrooms that include a vanity mirror and seat.

You also get a 32-inch HD monitor that also swivels, a full-length wardrobe, bag stowage compartment, amenity box, and mood lighting.

To say that the cabins are luxurious would be an understatement.

Image via Traveller
Image via Traveller
Image via Traveller

In total, there are six first-class suites

The suites come with an extremely comfortable wide leather armchair that has a tall back. The reclining armchair can also be swivelled to face the TV, bed or window.

The suites are equipped with personal wardrobes

While there's no shower onboard, the space and exclusivity of the bathrooms is nothing short of giving a hotel-like experience

One has been converted to a full bathroom with separate vanity counter.

And don't forget the 32-inch HD touchscreen TV unit featuring the airline's latest content-packed KrisWorld entertainment system

In addition to all these, each suite comes with two windows with electronic shutters that open and close with the touch of a button

Under those windows, there are amenities and a vanity mirror, as well as Bose noise-cancelling headphones and storage space.

The area comes equipped with most of the connectivity features such as a headphone jack, AC and USB power ports and even an HDMI port so you can stream your own content to the TV.

There's also a 'near-field communications' panel which the airline will use for tap-to-buy purchases such as the in-flight Internet and duty-free shopping.

Image via Traveller

Basically, Singapore Airlines' A380 Superjumbo plane's first-class suite offers the high-end one-upmanship that heralds a new golden age of luxury air travel, costing USD10,000 per passenger

The A380 superjumbo planes come with new seats in first, business, premium economy and economy class. Singapore Airlines has spent USD850 million developing the new layout, which has 471 seats across four classes.

Of which, six are first-class suites, 78 business class seats on the upper deck, with 44 premium economy seats and 343 economy seats on the lower deck.

Unveiled in November, the airline started flying its new business class seats daily on the Airbus A380 between Singapore and Sydney from 18 December 2017.

Here's how its other three classes look:

Business class features a seat that converts to a 78-inch (198cm) flat bed.

Image via Traveller

Even the aisle seats in Business class converts to bed.

Image via Traveller

In Premium economy passengers will enjoy leather finished seats, a calf-rest and foot-bar, in-seat power supply, two USB ports, a cocktail table and more storage space for personal items.

Image via Traveller

Premium economy

Image via Traveller

The economy class in A380.

Image via Traveller

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