This Powerful Video Shows How Exactly Men Look When They Leer At Women In Public

In several regions of the world, some men feel entitled to leer at women in public places. While most of the women continue to suffer this ignominy in silence rather than speak up about it, Whistling Woods International (WWI), a film school in India, has sought to address the issue.

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Indian film school Whistling Woods International, released a powerful PSA on December 16th, exactly one year after a horrific New Delhi gang rape made international headlines

The video shows men staring at women on buses, at restaurants, at trains and on the road. The clip begins with two men on a bike staring at the thighs of a girl wearing shorts and riding a scooter.

The new ad opens with two men staring at a girl riding a scooter while wearing shorts.

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It then moves on to three men inside a bus staring at a girl's cleavage as she sleeps on the shoulder of her companion, another woman

It then moves on to three men staring at a girl's cleavage as she sleeps on the shoulder of her companion, another woman

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The video then shows a man leering at a woman's midriff with a tattoo on it, and next a man sitting inside local train staring at a woman wearing a burqa

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All the four situations are dealt with when the men are shown reflective surfaces which show them how they look when they are staring at the women with their ignoble intentions

In the first scenario, the two men are shown the visor of the girl's helmet in which they see themselves staring at her.

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In the second scenario, a locket with a mirror on it covers the girl's cleavage and shows the man exactly how he looks while he's leching.

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A mirror on the flap of the girl's handbag takes care of the third pervert.

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A pair of sunglasses come in handy and shame the man who is staring at the woman in burqa.

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Of course, uncomfortable public leering and the ubiquity of the "male gaze" are not issues specific to Indian culture. Most of the scenes we see in this ad happen daily in Malaysia -- and in other countries around the world.

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By turning predatory looks back onto the perpetrators, Whistling Woods' PSA sends a powerful message, asking those who openly stare at women's bodies to think twice before they do so again.

Watch the video in full here:

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The Hindi lyrics of the ad's background song eerily croon, "Look how you look when you’re looking at me.”

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