[VIDEO] Wanna Know How To Add Flavour With Fire? We Got Professional Chefs To Teach Us How

Both dishes were beautifully flame-kissed, giving them that extra burst of smokiness.

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Ever watched professional chefs play with fire while cooking? We recently got a close-up look at how two chefs were able to expertly control and tame the flame in the making of their signature dishes.

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In conjunction with Guinness' upcoming 'Flavour by Fire' festival, we stepped into the kitchen to assist two professional chefs in making their signature dishes that will be served at the event.

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Were we useful assistants or did we just get in the way? Watch the full video below to find out.

WARNING: lots of mouthwatering foodporn shots ahead mmmmm, cravings sure to be triggered! ;)

Ashley was paired with Chef Sapna Anand of GOA by Sapna Anand. Together, they made Spiced Lamb Chops, yummmss!

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Chef Sapna: "So, what she's made now is a beautiful, colourful spice blend. Look at those colours!"

Meanwhile, Brenda helped Chef Johnny Fua of Kitchen Mafia in the making of a truly glorious Leg of Lamb

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Chef Johnny: "So, what Brenda is helping me do is, we're gonna do the marination. So it's gonna be a lot of onions, garlic, spices."

From the preparation of the ingredients to the cooking techniques, heat was involved every single step of the way.

Both dishes were beautifully flame-kissed, giving them that extra burst of smokiness.

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Chef Sapna: "So when you put ghee is smokes. Where the fat drips into the fire and it generates the smoke, which again flavours the meat."

Did you know that heat is what helps give Guinness its distinct flavour too? Their barley is roasted at 232 degrees, which is what gives it that signature smoothness and bittersweet taste.

That's why it paired so well with both dishes. In fact, Chef Johnny Fua even used some of it in the making of his sauce.

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Chef Johnny: "Just gonna pour a little bit of Guinness here. The lamb jus, so we're gonna make a quick sauce. Guinness gives that little twist to the sauce that we're gonna make."

Check out how amazing the final dishes look, amgaaaddd we're drooling already!

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Brenda: "Oh my goodness guys, look at what we've made!"

Ashley: "I'm actually really proud that I helped."

You can try these amazing dishes at the Guinness 'Flavour by Fire' festival - an epic food event where top chefs will tame the flame and serve up their bold fire-roasted creations. Paired with the deliciously crafted Guinness.

Here are all the event deets
Date: 30 November & 1 December 2019
Time: 4pm onwards
Venue: The Gasket Alley, PJ

Admission is FREE!

Guinness is once again living up to their reputation of being confident risk takers who bring hungry people together, and leave us craving more. Come prepared for a festival filled with food, music, and fun.

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Gather around the fire pit where stories are sparked and savoured. There will be live music, a long bar challenge where you can win cool prizes, and of course lots of Guinness. Learn how to pour the perfect pint or get a selfie of yourself printed right onto the foam.

With masters of the flame at the grill, you can definitely be sure there'll be lots of flame-kissed meaty goodness for you to chow down on! Because fire doesn’t just make food, it makes food more.

Here are all the amazing dishes you'll be able to try:

Image via Kitchen Mafia

Kitchen Mafia - Chef Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian
Style: Outback Open Flame
Speciality: Eclectic Flavours
- Tangerine Honey Roasted Duck
- Chili Spice Rub Chicken Liver Skewer
- Perchik Grilled Chicken Roulade
- Pineapple & Red Pepper Roasted Lamb Leg
- Shoyu Garlic Beef Flank
- Planked King Salmon
- Mussels in Bamboo
- Oa Oyster

Image via Burnin' Pit

Burnin' Pit - Pitmaster Kok Fung
Style: Texas BBQ
Specialty: Smoked Meats (Beef)
- Meat: Dry rub smoked brisket, pickled mangoes, gherkins & jalapeños
- Sauce: Smokey BBQ Gula Melaka with blackberries, blueberries and kefir
- Sides: Green Apple Slaw or Beef Bacon Mac & Cheese

Image via GOA

GOA by Sapna Anand - Chef Sapna Anand
Style: Fire & Spice
Specialty: Indian Fusion
- Kashmiri Lamb Chop
- Chowpatty Fire Roasted Grilled Corn
- Garlic Methi Chicken Skewers
- Paneer Tikka
- Naan

Image via Tipsy Boar

Tipsy Boar - Chef Suren Krishnan
Barbecue Dishes:
- Kansas style barbecue spare ribs and pickled Japanese cucumber
- Smoked German pepper sausages & mustard
- Smoked Spanish Chorizo & garlic aioli
- Slow roasted pork knuckle with Guinness glaze
- Watermelon mint yoghurt salad
- Cold potato salad
- Southern style coleslaw
- Pickled Japanese cucumber
- Charred bun

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