Here's Why Prudential Is Challenging Malaysians To Run 200KM In 3 Months

The initiative aims to encourage Malaysians to embrace the habit of exercising.

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Malaysians definitely have an undying love for eating and good food, but do we actually balance it out by exercising regularly?

With our busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to squeeze in the time to exercise, but it's important to remember what an important role exercise plays in not only helping us stay fit, but also keeping us healthy.

According to the Ministry of Health, only 40% of Malaysians practice a healthy lifestyle and have a habit of exercising regularly

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Additionally, they also revealed that 73% of deaths in Malaysia that are caused by cardio vascular diseases can actually be avoided just by practicing a healthier lifestyle.

These alarming findings are what triggered Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) to look deeper into the overall health and wellness of Malaysians, and find ways to rally Malaysians towards living a healthier lifestyle.

This is why PAMB recently launched the Prudential Just Run Challenge, in which participants are tasked to hit a goal of 200km over a 3-month period

You can use any way you like to reach the 200km goal, as long as it takes place outdoors and involves some form of exercise. So whether you prefer to take a stroll in the park or go on a hike with friends, it still counts!

And the best part is the realistic 3-month timeline - this means that you'll be able to take your time and pace yourself, to reach the goal in a way that's best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Once you register, you'll be able to track your progress and accumulated results via Strava, an app that's available on both iOS and Android

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You'll also receive the following cool items at different points throughout the challenge: a race jersey, e-achievement badges, finisher e-certificate, and limited-edition finisher jersey.

The registration fee is only RM80 but PAMB is giving SAYS readers a special rate of RM70! Just enter this promo code upon registration to get the discount: PJRSAYS

The promo code will be valid from now to 30 September 2018.

Eric Wong, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at PAMB said that they chose to launch this challenge because "at Prudential, we recognize that protection not only encompasses financial peace of mind but also one’s health and well-being"

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"Looking at the current lifestyle of people with busy schedules as well as the increasing trend of using electronic devices to track their health and fitness, we decided to launch an initiative that will encourage them to consciously embrace a more active daily routine."

He also stressed that with the rise of free fitness apps, online workout videos, and other technological advancements, it's now relatively easy and inexpensive to live a healthier lifestyle.

He went on to say that Prudential "want(s) to encourage Malaysians to utilize these to lead a more health-conscious life and achieve their dreams...(because) when one is healthy, they will find it easier to accomplish the personal goals that they have set.”

Want to take part in the Just Run Challenge? Get started by signing up here before 30 September 2018!

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