Woman Reminds Public Not To Put UNIQLO Jacket In A Washing Machine Otherwise This Happens

She found an unexpected way to fix it though.

Cover image via @elisadoesthings (TikTok)

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A woman had to recently learn a difficult lesson for not reading labels before washing garments after her UNIQLO jacket got ruined in her washing machine

If you've stepped into any UNIQLO outlet before, chances are you've seen and touched its popular ultra-light down jackets.

They look like this and are so comfy, they make you feel like you're wrapped in a cloud:

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Timothy Mulcare

On 3 December, TikTok user @elisadoesthings shared a public service announcement advising others to avoid putting their UNIQLO jacket into a washing machine when they want to clean it.

In the viral video, she wears the ultra-light down garment to show how it got ruined. The down, which fills up the jacket, can be seen in clumps instead of evenly spread out.

In response, many suggested ways to prevent this from happening and how to fix it

Some people mentioned adding tennis balls to her laundry when she's about to do a load. 

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Others advised to change the washing machine settings to tumble dry or cold wash without spin.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Another person, who claimed to be a former UNIQLO employee, suggested laying the jacket flat, then shaking it to even out the filling.

Image via TikTok

However, in the end, Elisa decided to go with one person's advice to use a tennis racquet to fluff the jacket up again... and it worked!

She is seen beating her jacket with a racquet in a follow-up video.

Here's the result:

Even if you don't have a tennis racquet lying around, one person said she uses a hanger and it does the same job: 

Image via TikTok

The bottom line is to always read the labels before washing your clothing. But if you happen to make this mistake, at least there are ways to fix it!

You can watch her before and after videos below:


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