[PHOTOS] There's A Hill In Malaysia With A Breathtaking View That Looks Like Bali

It has a secret lagoon too!

Cover image via @fezrinagan (Instagram) & @_cubic.cubic_ (Instagram)

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You don't need to travel all the way to Bali to enjoy a stunning ocean view. Malaysia has its very own 'Uluwatu' lookalike and it's beautiful!

Located in Pulau Kapas, Terengganu is a hiking spot known as Lion Hill or Bukit Singa, which is surrounded by steep cliffs and coastal rocks

Pulau Kapas, an island east of Marang, Malaysia, is a beautiful island known for its white-sand beaches and clear waters where you can snorkel and kayak. In fact, the island has been promoted as a "diving and snorkelling paradise".

Other than water activities, you can also hike up Lion Hill to take in the island's scenery.

The trek is said to be similar to rock climbing rather than hiking but the view makes it totally worth it

Some hikers choose to climb on their own, but you can opt to join a tour or hire a guide once you reach the island.

There are no clear directions along the trail. However, several visitors note that you will need to climb a staircase, walk along coastal rocks, and wade through waist-deep waters to get to the peak. There are also no railings to hold onto and it may be slightly challenging if you're a beginner.

It can also get pretty windy at the top and the rocks around the area are quite sharp. Climbers recommend wearing proper shoes and to not stand too close to the edge.

Giving the hill its name is a lion head rock formation, which you can apparently spot from the side of the hill rather than the peak itself.

Located at the bottom of the hill is a small, crystal clear, blue lagoon, which some say can only be seen during high tide

The best time to head to Pulau Kapas is between March and October. The island is closed to the public from November to February because of monsoon season. 

How to get there:

Head to Marang Jetty in Terengganu. There's a 15-minute boat ride that goes to Pulau Kapas four times a day.

Once you reach the island, you can get directions to the entrance of Lion Hill. 

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