7 Easy Things You Can Do To Put A Smile On Your Mum's Face This Mother's Day

It's not all about gifts, but gifts are definitely nice!

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Mother's Day lands on 10 May, which means we'll all still be at home, observing the Movement Control Order (MCO)

While there won't be any brunch celebrations or holiday getaways yet, that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate our mums. If you're currently separated from your parents, there are still plenty of ways to reach out and share the love!

Here are 7 easy things you can do to put a smile on your mum's face this Mother's Day:

1. Make an effort to clean the house so she doesn't have to lift a finger

There's no better feeling than waking up to a sparkling, clean home. If your mum is usually the one who's picking up after everyone else, this is definitely the time to return the favour.

Better yet, hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep clean via Grab Clean & Fix. It's the most satisfying thing, guaranteed to make anyone happy!

2. Book her a spa day in advance so she can be totally pampered

Mums rarely have time for themselves because they're so busy looking after everyone else.

Book some pampering time for your mother to enjoy after MCO is lifted, whether it's an hour-long deep massage or special day-long spa treatment, she's sure to appreciate the "me time."

Alternatively, you can always give her a massage yourself. It's a great way to bond and make your mum feel happy and relaxed.

3. Cook a meal for your mum or bake her something special

Food is always an awesome option. And there's nothing better than homecooked goodness full of love.

You could bring breakfast in bed, cook up a simple lunch, or get fancy with a three-course dinner. Whatever you make, she's sure to appreciate the effort and say it's yummy (even if it's not haha).

Not living with mum? You can cook at home and have a delivery service bring it to her immediately! It's an extra special care package straight from your kitchen.

4. Plan a family video call or online games night

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Your family may not have a chance to spend time with your mum in person. But online time can be just as fulfilling and fun!

Organise your siblings and other close family members to get on a video call together for a fun hangout session. You can even play online games together, which is sure to bring out loads of laughs from mum!

5. Give her something handmade and from the heart

Remember back in primary school, how we used to make Mother's Day cards every year? There's no reason we still can't!

Now we're adults, we can level up our art skills. Draw her a picture, paint her something personal, write her a letter, send her a postcard... There are endless ways to show you care without splurging on expensive gifts.

6. If you're already a mum, take this opportunity to plan a girly getaway to enjoy post-MCO

Plan a girls-only staycation! Leave your little ones at home with the men of the family, and enjoy a getaway with your mum instead. It's even more fun if you have sisters or sisters-in-law.

That way all the mums get to enjoy Mother's Day together (away from diaper changes and tantrums)!

7. Buy her something luxe that she would love, especially if she's the type to never spend money on herself

Being a mother comes with a lot of personal sacrifices. It means giving up things you want for yourself, so that you can provide your children with things that they need.

If your mum never buys cute things for herself, you should step up and get them for her! A gorgeous handbag with matching wallet, a beautiful cookware set, a pretty piece of jewellery, or an exclusive beauty and skincare collection. Get her something special.

There are so many online stores and delivery options, you're sure to find the perfect gift.

Give your mum something to smile about on this special day by treating her to the best!

Watch what happened when three young Malaysians tried to treat their parents to something special:

To ensure our parents continue to smile with confidence, Polident provides oral hygiene solutions for those with dentures

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Did you know that dentures also require special cleaning? Brushing dentures with normal toothpaste causes scratches and damage, which leads to plaque and bacteria build-up.

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