3 Accomplished Employees Share Questions You Can Ask To Gauge If You're In The Right Job

It's important to reflect on whether you are truly satisfied and engaged in your current role every now and then.

Cover image via Apnidyawati (Provided to SAYS) , Jeff Sandhu (Provided to SAYS) , Patrick McVeigh (Provided to SAYS)

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Do you feel content in your current job?

A recent survey found that 92% of Malaysian workers are career cushioning, which means they are preparing to leave their current employer while still being employed in their present position. This is usually the case when you begin wondering, 'Is this job right for me?'

As you climb the career ladder, it's important to reflect on whether you are truly satisfied and engaged in your role. From the company's overall environment to your projected career growth, these are just a few factors you should consider before deciding whether to move on or stay in your current company.

Not to worry, we'll help you navigate through this uncertainty!

In partnership with Sunway, we asked a few accomplished individuals to share hard-hitting questions to determine whether you are in the right job:

1. Jeff Sandhu, Chief Operating Officer of 42 Malaysia and Head of 42 Kuala Lumpur (42KL), said that he often poses this career-related question to others, "Is what you do at work personally rewarding to you?"

"This question holds great significance to me because I believe that finding personal fulfilment in our work is essential for sustained motivation and goal achievement. By understanding what truly inspires and drives individuals within my team, I can help create an environment where they feel fulfilled and motivated.

"It is this belief that has led me and my team to develop a range of impactful campaigns that not only drive the growth of 42 KL and 42 Malaysia, but also provide opportunities for personal and professional fulfilment," said Jeff.

Jeff's three-year journey at 42 KL, a computer programming school initiative by Sunway Education Group, has been incredible thus far

42KL is a part of 42 Malaysia, a joint venture partnership between Sunway Education Group and Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s Dana Impak initiative.

Jeff truly enjoys leading a team of highly passionate people, as it brings him immense joy and fulfilment.

"Their dedication and enthusiasm fuels my own motivation and inspires me to strive for excellence every day. I feel fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and inspiring team, and I look forward to the continued growth and success of our company," he said.

He believes that leading by example is a great motivator.

"It may sound like something extremely cliché, but I firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. I'm never one to just delegate the entire campaign or project to my team. Ensuring that they meet their goals and KPIs is equally as important as my own goals and KPIs.

"Beyond that, despite a busy schedule, I prioritise having lunch with the team daily, actively listening, and understanding their challenges. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and support, showing that I genuinely care about their wellbeing," he concluded.

2. Sunway Education Group's Director of Branding and Corporate Communications Patrick McVeigh says you should ask yourself, "Am I waiting for opportunities to come to me?"

Patrick Mcveigh (middle) receiving the award for Sunway Education Group’s recognition in the recent Putra Brand Awards 2022.

Image via Patrick McVeigh (Provided to SAYS)

Patrick is a firm believer in seeking out opportunities, instead of waiting around for them.

"Challenge yourself to be the best that you can be at all times, regardless of age or status. Think like an employer, not like an employee, and become an ambassador for the brand. Once you stop taking part and start taking the lead, then your whole career will become one big exciting and rewarding adventure," he said.  

He also believes that it's imperative for a company to allow its employees to shine. 

He said, "At Sunway, the potential for personal growth and development is totally blind to age. Whether you are in your twenties or your fifties, the opportunity for betterment applies to all employees. Age is no barrier to brilliance at Sunway."

After spending nearly eight years in Sunway, Patrick finds that working there is both refreshing and inspiring, as he believes their core principles are very meaningful

"Unlike many other organisations worldwide, Sunway has values that are not passive mission statements, but genuine qualities and proactive actions of intent," he emphasised.

When it comes to treating others with compassion, the director believes that from a personal perspective, we must treat people how we would expect others to treat us.

"Whilst professionally, #OurCampusWithAConscience belief sees our students and staff regularly reaching out to a wide range of charities and disenfranchised communities to see how we can support them and provide them with a platform for their voices to be heard," he said.

3. Early on in her nursing career, Apnidyawati binti Amsy Priyadi, a Senior Registered Nurse at Sunway Medical Centre, always asked herself, "How long do I see myself in this field?"

Apnidyawati shared that being a nurse was not always her first choice.

"But as time went by, I tried to adapt to the path that I was already on, and I thought, 'Why not just go with the flow'? Towards the end of my first year, I started to love my career more and became eager to further my studies in this field to upgrade my skills and knowledge to the next level.

"The challenge that I always face is having to attend to patients with different backgrounds, as well as multiple medical histories. But that's the colour in my nursing life. With all the cases that I encounter, they indirectly teach me many things in many ways," she said.

When choosing a company to work in, Apnidyawati advises to go for one where you can continuously learn, grow, and strive for excellence

"Sunway Medical Centre always encourages their staff to upgrade themselves by organising team building events, seminars, and programmes to help them be up to date and equipped with all the skills and information.

"The company also offers multiple types of sponsorships for the staff to further their studies. For instance, in nursing specifically, they provide sponsorships for diplomas and degrees, as well as for those who want to be a specialist in a certain course," she explained.

So, do you know whether you're in the right job?

As you take time to ask yourself these questions, one important aspect to consider is the company you work in as well. Choosing the right place to work can have a significant impact on your overall job satisfaction.

Aside from having a great reputation, other factors worth taking into account are the company's values, work culture, employee testimonials, and personal growth opportunities offered.

As a company that puts its people first, Sunway has cultivated an environment that fosters professional growth and personal development for its employees

In fact, Sunway has dedicated its upcoming 50th anniversary with a heartwarming video that celebrates the contributions and dedications of its people.

Watch the video here:

As Sunway celebrates five decades of brand legacy, it attributes its success to five important pillars:

PEOPLE: From inclusivity and diversity to helping underserved communities, Sunway prioritises its people. This is seen by achieving a hat-trick of wins as Malaysia's Best Managed Companies for three consecutive years (2021 - 2023) by Deloitte Private.

SUSTAINABILITY: On top of Sunway's commitment to nation-building, the company is deeply committed to advancing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and are guided by the environmental, social, and governance framework. Sunway is leading the way in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with its innovative ideas to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero by 2050.

BUSINESS: Sunway has helped lead the transformation of the nation through innovation over the course of 50 years. Its 13 business divisions continuously revolutionises the landscape of the nation by collaborating with organisations and ministries in pursuit of a sustainable future for all.

COMMUNITIES: Sunway's corporate social responsibility comes in the form of its award-winning #SunwayforGood initiative that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries, living up to the group's firm belief of doing well by doing good.

LEADERSHIP: Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah as a strong advocate of quality education and research as well as sustainable development continues to be an inspiration to many. His leadership and vision to build a sustainable future for all has led Sunway to become one of Malaysia's most iconic brands.  

If you're interested in making a positive impact with Sunway, head over to its website to find out more

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