[QUIZ] Tell Us How You Would Pamper Yourself At Home And We'll Reveal Your Personality

Time for that good, long-awaited shower to wash all that stress away.

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Had a long week? Looking for something to get rid of all that stress?

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We get it. You just wanna unwind by pampering yourself at home before finally finishing off with a nice, hot shower. 

LUX Botanicals has two new body washes that are available at Guardian! These new body washes will soothe those worries, leaving you super relaxed, luxurious, and comfortable. More details at the end of the story.

But first, tell us how you would pamper yourself at home and we’ll try to guess your personality!

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Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. 

LUX Botanicals is giving away five exclusive kits together with their new variants!

Here's how to stand a chance to win: 
1. Comment here with your quiz results 
2. Answer this simple question: What are the two new LUX Botanicals variant? 
3. Tag @luxbotanicalsmy

Contest period ends on 12 October 2020. 

LUX and Guardian are collaborating to launch two new body washes, LUX Botanicals Youthful Skin and LUX Botanicals Skin Rebalance. Made from 100% natural extracts, you'll love this gentle botanical formulation.

Using natural ingredients, these paraben-free, colourant-free, and silicone-free body washes will leave your skin looking healthy and feeling pampered with their skin-enhancing benefits.

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Showering has never been more relaxing and luxurious. And not to mention the fact that you'll step out of the shower feeling super fresh and confident. A great way to kickstart or end the day.  

LUX Botanicals Skin Rebalance
This brand new body wash is enriched with birds of paradise and rosehip oil, premium ingredients that boast advanced skincare benefits. Birds of paradise promotes a more even skin tone, while rosehip oil hydrates and exfoliates your skin. Step out of the shower and you'll find yourself immersed with different floral scents.

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LUX Botanicals Youthful Skin
Enriched with collagen, this body wash enhances skin elasticity while also moisturising your skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It is also enriched with pomegranate, an ingredient that is rich in antioxidants, essential for anti-ageing. Perfumed with multiple layers of scents, you'll not only feel good, but smell super good.

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On top of that, LUX Botanicals has a huge range of other body washes that are suited for everyone.

With 100% natural extracts, your skin will feel pampered and well-nourished.

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LUX Botanicals Skin Renewal
The fig extract and geranium oil in this body wash rejuvenates the skin while emitting an unforgettable scent. Fig extract works wonders on the skin, allowing your skin to feel soft and supple while reducing any forms of skin inflammation. From fig and juicy berries to magnolia, freesia, and musk, you'll be exposed to multiple sweet notes. 

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LUX Botanicals Glowing Skin
Ideal for those who seek a youthful glow, this gardenia and honey body wash is filled with antioxidants, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, preventing skin impurities and ageing. The fine mix between the two ingredients also gives you an unforgettable scent that will leave you feeling like you're in an enchanted garden. 

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LUX Botanicals Bright Skin
Enriched with sunflower and nature's finest moisturiser – aloe vera, this joyful blend refreshes your skin, allowing it to feel hydrated. Aloe vera also fights skin ageing and brightens up your skin, hiding any blemishes on your skin. From numerous floral blends like yuzu and bergamot, rose and peony, and osmanthus and sunflower, you'll find yourself immersed in its subtly sweet fragrance. 

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LUX Botanicals Skin Detox
One of LUX Botanicals' best selling body wash, the LUX Botanicals Skin Detox will leave you feeling revitalised. With natural ingredients and fine fragrances such as the delicate freesia blooms and the purifying tea tree oil, this body wash will soothe your skin until it is soft and smooth. You'll also be amazed by the numerous citrus wafts, giving you a luxe shower experience.

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Pamper yourself with LUX Botanicals body wash. With gorgeous fragrances and 100% recyclable bottles, you can never go wrong ;)

Head over to your nearest Guardian store today or buy your favourite variant of LUX Botanicals online!

Spend more than RM30 when you buy any LUX Botanical body wash from Guardian's online store and use the promo code, 'LXB3GDN' to get RM3 off! 

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