Affordable Microfibre Cloths That You Can Get For All Your Cleaning Needs

A good alternative to paper towels.

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Microfibre cloths may have been around for awhile now but have recently become a trending topic

Unlike other regular pieces of cloth, cleaning products made out of microfibre tend to be great for wiping surfaces because of their absorbency.

Good split microfibre cloth can help trap and absorb dirt easily without spreading the dust around or leaving scratched marks.

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Generally made out of polyester and polyamide (nylon), these cloths are also a good alternative to paper towels.

Do note, though, that not all microfibre cloths are meant for cleaning. Look out for labels that mention 'split microfibre' if you want to use it to clean glass surfaces.

Non-split microfibre is usually just a very soft cloth used to make clothes and such; they do not have the same properties as split microfibre and may leave scratches.

If you're looking for reasonably priced microfibre cloths, here are a few that you can get in Malaysia or online for less than RM12:

1. Daiso microfibre cloths (RM5.90)

Image via Ameba

You can find different sizes and colours from Daiso stores or a few online.

2. Tesco microfibre cloth (RM7.90)

Image via Lazada
Image via Tesco/Lazada

You can find Tesco's versions at their branches or online in different sizes for RM7.90 (pack of four).

3. 3M Scotch-Brite microfibre cleaning cloth (RM8 - RM12)

Image via Meridian
Image via Shopee

There are plenty of fake versions online so be careful when purchasing Scotch-Brite's 3M microfibre cloths.

You can get them online here or in a pack of two for RM24.

4. IKEA microfibre dishcloth (RM5.90/two pieces)

Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA

IKEA sells a couple of microfibre dishcloths in different designs.

You can find it at their outlets or online.

5. MR DIY microfibre cloths (RM2.90 - RM7.90)

Image via mrdiy2u
Image via tellingstory11

You can usually find them at any MR DIY outlet in Malaysia or online.

6. Shopee microfibre cloths (RM3 - RM10)

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Depending on the size, Shopee has a variety of microfibre cloths in different sizes. Just be sure to check for reviews before purchasing the best option.

You can find them here.

BONUS: Muji microfibre mop (RM54.90)

Image via Muji Malaysia
Image via Muji Malaysia

Although not exactly within the budget, Muji has a microfibre mini mop that can be used to clean hard to reach areas. It comes with a sliding handle. 

You can find it at Muji stores.

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