[QUIZ] Pick Cute Decor To Spruce Up Your Home & We'll Give You A Signature Scent

You'll be surprised how the right scent can uplift your mood!

Cover image via Minh Pham (Unsplash) & bruce mars (Unsplash)

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Did you know that our everyday surroundings profoundly impact our mood and emotion?

A calm, clean, decluttered, and good-smelling environment is proven to help us stay productive and uplift our mood. Although we can't change the environment of our offices or the restaurant we dine in, one place where we're able to control the look and feel of is our home.

And since we start and end our day right at home, creating a pleasant environment can really make a difference, especially since for some of us, our home doubles as our workplace too.

One of the easiest ways we can create a pleasant environment at home is by making sure it smells amazing. Psst... You could even set a good impression on your guest with a good-smelling home!

Not sure what scent to choose for your home? Tell us how you would decorate your house, and we'll reveal your signature scent:

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

Whether you choose to go with your signature scent or a different fragrance, just remember that you should choose whatever feels welcoming and relaxing to you!

Our sense of smell is powerful as it has the ability to evoke good memories. Sometimes, unknowingly, we attach certain memories or thoughts to a particular smell. Just like how the scent of our loved ones can bring us comfort and make us feel at home. 

So, go ahead and add that scent that you love, so you can always feel calm and relaxed each time you step through the doors! ;P 

Want an easy, quick, and effortless way to have your home smell amazing instantly? Just get the Air Wick Freshmatic!

With a variety of scents ranging from lavender to floral bouquet, you'll definitely be able to find a scent that suits your home. Plus, it contains natural essential oils and offers long-lasting fragrance that can stay for up to 70 days. 

The Air Wick Freshmatic has 24/7 odour-stop technology, which means that it reacts to bad smells to neutralise them. Best of all, the Air Wick Freshmatic is battery-operated, so it'll keep your home smelling fresh all-day long! Additionally, the sleek and compact design will look like a cute decor piece in your house. Yayyy! :D

So, whatchu waiting for? Get the Air Wick Freshmatic from Shopee or Lazada for a good-smelling home! <3

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