[QUIZ] Rate These Fake Products And We’ll Give You A Fake Reward

Time to bring out the inner critic in you.

Cover image via Freepik (Edited by SAYS) & Best Health Mag

If there's one thing everyone should know about Malaysians, it's that we love to give our opinions on everything, hehe :p

Whether it's rating makan places we've been to or complaining about the hot weather and traffic jams, being outspoken about our opinions is part of what makes us Malaysian, teeheee! 

Fake products oso we got opinion lol. Come, rate these random items we made up, and we'll give you a fake reward in return!

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Don't so serious, k? :D

So, how? Do you like your fake reward? ;)

Pssst! There's a way for you to get real rewards — by joining Coway's Jom Sembang Facebook group and reviewing real products.

Image via Coway Malaysia

Coway has started the Coway Jom Sembang Facebook group, a private community group, especially for consumers. 

You can be among the first few Malaysians to join the group, interact with them, AND try brand new products from Coway, FOR FREE and earn cash, ooooohh!

Coway hears you!

The brand believes in the importance of bringing goodness and smiles to consumers. And that's why Coway strives to improve based on consumer feedback and reviews in the Coway Jom Sembang Facebook group.

If you have an interest in overall family health and improving the quality of daily life, then reviewing Coway products are for you.

The truth is, your opinions matter! By providing constructive feedback, you're helping Coway create better products for everyone. Cool, right? 

Ready to start reviewing? Join the Coway Jom Sembang Facebook group now!

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