[QUIZ] Uni Students, Pick Your Fave Things & We’ll Tell You What Your Future Job Should Be

Should you be a PR Executive or a Graphic Designer? Hmmm...

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So, you’re in uni right now, which means that you’ve probably thought about what life will be like after graduation

You’ll be stepping into the world of #adulting, and with it comes your first real job oOoOoOoOo! But, whatchu gonna be?

Come, take this quiz to find out! Just choose your favourite things and we'll tell you what your future job should be.

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, k? ;)

Looking for a great company to kickstart your career after graduation? Coway is a great place to get started.

Image via Coway

With their advanced technology, Coway is a leading home appliance company with years of experience in the market. They have the highest market share in South Korea and Malaysia. This fun, family-culture company is truly a great choice for your first job.

Whether you have experience or not, whether you want to learn more or earn more, whether you want to work in the field you studied or try something different, Coway has exciting opportunities for everyone!

Here are some of the positions you could have at Coway:
- Account Executive
- Sales and Planning Executive
- Trainer
- Product Strategy Executive
- Graphic Designer
- 3D Artist
- Senior Creative & Media Executive
- Videographer cum Editor
- Senior Digital & PR Executive
- Motion Graphic Designer
- Coway Technician

And more! Check out the full list and job descriptions here.

Plus, they even have some really awesome workplace benefits and perks that’ll make you love being part of the Coway family ;)

Image via Coway

- Free breakfast every day
- Department lunch & dinner. Choose your favourite restaurant to visit every month!
- Monthly grocery shopping. Buy whatever food, snacks, and drinks you like.
- Everyone will have the chance to visit the Coway Korea HQ & R&D centre, especially loyal employees
- Department local trips and company overseas trips
- Birthday leave and birthday allowance. Yep, you get to cuti on your birthday!
- Boss bonus treats (sometimes your boss will belanja you Starbucks, tea time treats, breakfast, and maybe even dinner too.)
- Dental and optical claims
- Annual bonus
- Long service award
- Monthly token of appreciation (every month, the top performing staff in each department get monetary rewards, whoooo!)
- Cash benefits (wedding, birthday, spouse birthday, wedding anniversary, maternity, paternity, etc.)
- Sports benefits (in-house yoga class, zumba, badminton). You can even suggest whatever sports activity you wanna try, as long there are enough participants.
- Department rotation allowed for better learning opportunities, open to everyone

- Premium coffee machine every floor, with dedicated coffee beans
- Massage chairs
- Table tennis
- 3 levels of pantries

- Movie day
- Theme park day
- Annual dinner
- Celebration of every festive occasion. For example, every department gets mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, hampers are given out during CNY, and more!

Coway is also having an Instragram challenge in which you can win cash prizes, yaaas!

Image via Coway

Have you seen those TikToks of people changing outfits in a flash? This is just like that, except on Instagram.

Upload a creative video of yourself switching from a student life OOTD to a working life one. The four most creative entries will be chosen as the winners!

Check out the awesome cash prizes you could win:
- 1 x RM5,000 cash
- 1 x RM3,000 cash
- 1 x RM1,500 cash
- 1x RM500 cash

Have a look at these entries for some inspiration:

Excited to step into the working world and start your career at Coway? Click here for more deets.

For all the latest updates from Coway, stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram.

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