18 Must-Watch Raya Ads That Will Give You All The Feels Because We Can't Balik Kampung

It's not Raya without all the festive ads!

Cover image via TENAGAofficial (YouTube) , Yoodo (YouTube) , Watsons Malaysia (YouTube)

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Note: This list is in no particular order.

1. Watsons' star-studded #RayaUnikRayaIkonik is super happening and reminds us how exciting Raya is, especially when we gather with family

Category: Musical | Comedy

Starring SO MANY local celebs like Ayda Jebat, Amy Search, Chef Wan, DOLLA, and more, #RayaUnilRayaIkonik is super exciting from start to finish.

From a brokenhearted uncle turned rockstar to a K-pop loving mak cik, watch all the fun hijinks that ensue when a family full of unique people come together for Raya! And as always, no Watsons festive film is complete without a catchy song ;)

2. The playful yet meaningful emoji-themed short film by Gamuda Land will inspire you to reach out and help those in need

Category: Meaningful | Emotional | Heartwarming

#GamudaLand Salam Eid-Moji tells the story of Mozareen and her new neighbour, Amin. Having gotten injured being chased by bullies in his previous school, the sullen Amin now refuses to go to his new school. Mozareen tries her best to cheer him up in an adorable and creative way, but little does Amin know that his new friend is facing challenges of her own...

3. Fan-favourite Aida is back in TNB's hilarious Dugaan Raya Aida, which even features an epic jiwang karaoke video

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Emotional

This year, TNB stresses the importance of spending time with family this Raya season through Aida's hilariously dramatic journey. Though initially distracted by her cookie business, she eventually learns to put her family first and enjoys a wonderful festive season with them.

Psst, make sure to watch till the end for a special appearance from the loveable and adorable Jero, the iconic cat who often graces TNB's short films.

4. You'll be giggling non-stop at Julie's Biscuits' parody of common tropes in Raya ads, hehehe

Category: Funny | Parody

Kids not being able to balik kampung to see their parents, and mums constantly asking their daughters "bila nak kahwin?" are just some of the tropes that Julie's Biscuits parodies in this video. Watch the hilarious antics of a director who's just trying to shoot a classic, tear-jerking Raya ad, all while being nagged by the cast.

5. Yoodo hilariously pits Tart Nenas against Sam-Perit in a battle to be Ketua Kuih Raya 2021

Category: Comedy

One of the best things about Raya is definitely eating all the yummy kuih Raya, right? Check out the manifestos of Tart Nenas and Sam-Perit, as they battle it out to be voted as Ketua Kuih Raya 2021. And yes, you can actually vote for a winner!

6. EcoWorld reminds us all to cherish the small moments, because those are the ones that matter most

Category: Family | Touching

When our hearts are filled with gratitude and love, that's when the warm glow of Raya shines brightest. Watch how a nurse appreciates the little moments with her family that make Raya special, like helping her father decorate the house and cooking with her mother.

7. Though Raya this year is gonna be different, we thankfully have services like foodpanda that help us stay close to our loved ones

Category: Touching | Emotional

From ordering santan because her husband forgot to buy it to getting lemang ingredients delivered to her mother, a young woman is helping her family prepare for Raya. But, you better have some tissues ready for when she unexpectedly gets a delivery of her own...

8. Told through a fun and cheeky seloka (a type of Malay poetry), PETRONAS' fully-animated webfilm is an entertaining watch from start to end

Category: Funny | Cheeky | Musical

Narrated by a charismatic spotted dove named Syuk-kur (a wordplay of the word syukur, meaning thankfulness, and tekukur, the Malay term for dove), follow the story of the residents of Taman Bawang.

The hardworking and jovial Poji is so homesick that he starts imagining his fierce neighbour, Mak Jah, as his own mother. Just when Poji and his friends resign to the fact that Raya will be subdued, will Mak Jah save the day?

9. In Misi Seiring Bersama, Sunway Group pays tribute to our heroic frontliners and the sacrifices they make

Category: Touching | Heartwarming

This video is dedicated to all our frontline superheroes who embody resilience, compassion, and selflessness amid the pandemic to keep us safe.

Follow the journey of Suraya, a nurse who reveals the sacrifices one has to make in the line of duty, especially during this festive season. At the same time, Suraya's friends try their best to make sure she can still have a great Ramadan and Raya.

10. Sing along to the revamped version of the evergreen Selamat Hari Raya song by Saloma with Coway

Category: Musical | Comedy

Featuring local celebrity Alif Satar, the iconic Selamat Hari Raya song we all know and love gets a makeover, as does the house in the video. A family of four prepares for Raya by getting new things for the house, and going all out to make sure their home is decked out for the festive season.

11. Maxis' short film starts off funny, but then hits you in the feels when you least expect it

Category: Comedy | Emotional

Used to preparing for Raya herself every year, Mak Jah is hurt and confused when her husband, Pak Sakan, starts buying everything that she usually hand-makes. But, the reason why he's doing that reminds her of something important about Raya.

Btw, if you need to get some last minute kuih Raya, baju Raya, or even decorations, look out for recommendations in the video!

12. Panadol's Ketua will make you wanna give your dad a big hug and thank him for everything he does for the family

Category: Touching | Emotional

Centred on doing good and selfless deeds for loved ones and to any person in need, the short film focuses on a single father who stepped up into a bigger role of fulfilling his responsibility as a devoted son and a role model to his child during the holy month of Ramadan.

13. The creative touches of animation and wayang kulit make Maybank's short film a truly unique one

Category: Heartwarming

In our modern world, it can be easy for the older generation to feel confused and left behind. But, as much as we wanna teach them how to adapt to the current times and use technology, there's a lot we can learn from them as well, especially when it comes to being creative.

14. RHB's Sempurna was inspired by the real-life story of a Malaysian girl who makes sign language song covers, despite not being hearing-impaired herself

Category: Heartwarming | Touching

Life isn't always perfect, and sometimes unexpected challenges come your way. When faced with a seemingly impossible challenge, it's important to have people around you who will lift you up and keep you going. Watch the story of a girl who goes above and beyond to help her best friend adapt to a new way of life.

15. Hong Leong Bank gathered Malaysian buskers for a happening Raya jam session

Category: Musical | Funny

M. Nasir's Satu Hari Di Hari Raya gets remixed by local buskers, as they sing about how different (but still fun!) celebrating Raya is going to be this year. Come spread the festive joy by singing along.

16. Though some of us may live apart from our families, AIA demonstrates how technology helps us all stay connected and show our love

Category: Heartwarming | Cheeky

Living in his kampung, a grandfather stays in touch with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson through his trusty tablet. After receiving all kinds of video links from his family throughout Ramadan, Atuk goes through an impressive transformation and becomes happier and healthier in the process.

17. A sweet little boy tries to help his busy frontliner mother earn some extra money in Boost's Hadiah Buat Mama

Category: Heartwarming | Cheeky

With his frontliner mother busy working hard, Adi decides to help her earn some extra money for Raya. Teaming up with his grandmother and older brother, the trio start selling Nasi Lemak Mama, and cleverly use technology to make their stall go viral and boost their sales.

18. Digi reminds us all that we shouldn't make assumptions without knowing the full story

Though she's unable to pay her rent and tuition fees, Aliyah is reluctant to ask her father for financial help because his kedai runcit is struggling. When she goes home to help him, she loses her temper at seeing him freely give away things to people without expecting payment. But, when she realises the truth behind his actions, she learns an important and powerful lesson.

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