Ex-Lawyer Spills The Tea On Why This Man's 1st Wife Happily Agreed To Him Taking Up A 2nd

She was positively eager.

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When it comes to marriage, most women are less than thrilled at the prospect of sharing their husband with another woman.

So why was this woman positively eager for her husband to take up another wife?

In a TikTok video, ex-divorce lawyer turned TikToker Reina Lum responded to a commenter who claimed that there are women who romanticise marrying other people's husbands.

Reina warned against this by sharing one of her early experiences dealing with a married couple during her time as a marriage and divorce lawyer, claiming that the case "forever changed her brain chemistry".

According to the TikToker, a man came in with his wife to apply for permission to enter a polygynous marriage under the Syariah Court, which is legal for Muslim men in Malaysia.

As both of them were her clients, the man's first wife was required to accompany him and provide her legal consent to him taking up a second wife.

"Normally, I expect the first wife to be upset — if not angry then, at the very least, sad — that their husband wants to marry another woman," Reina said.

"But this client was calm as water. She said that as long as her husband paid her alimony, she would be perfectly fine even if her husband never chose to see her again."

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Reina was shocked that the first wife was fine with not receiving any physical attention, prompting her to suspect something was amiss

Afterwards, the husband returned with his second wife, whereupon Reina's senior partner told her that they would handle everything.

"My senior partner told the second wife, 'You must be amazing at tending to the desires of your husband. To the point where the first wife would encourage you to spend more time with him'," Reina said, giving props to them for their smooth talking skills.
"Obviously, the second wife was happy to hear that. After all, her new husband would now be with her for five to six days a week."

"Afterward, everything was settled and signed, and everyone got what they wanted," Reina added with a sly smile.

However, as her senior had been in the field for 20 years, they had practically seen it all. Seeming to know something Reina didn't, they coyly told her to carefully wait for something to unfold in the coming months.

"If it's gotten to the point where the first wife is trying to minimise physical contact with her husband, believe me, there is something very wrong with him," they told her, something the second wife would unfortunately discover as soon as they started living together. 

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Image via @freepic.diller/Freepik

Sure enough, less than six months later, the second wife called Reina's office, asking to formally apply for her new husband to return to his first wife

Shocked, Reina told her that only the first wife could legally apply for this. As the conversation progressed, she could tell the second wife was growing more and more agitated.

Staying professional, Reina probed further, asking her what the real issue was, and the second wife finally confessed that her new husband was completely and utterly disgusting.

Clearly at her last straw, she began to scream at Reina over the phone.

"This isn't an issue about dirty dishes or clothes being strewn around. Do you know he's such a slob that I have to flush this man's faeces for him?" the second wife scolded. 

She demanded to speak to Reina's boss. Unbeknownst to her, they had been listening to the entire conversation. They then picked up the phone and cheerfully said, "So, I heard you want to refund your husband?"

Afterwards, the second wife was given options for her next steps. After much effort, she was ultimately convinced to seek couple's counselling with her new beau, instead of divorcing him outright.

So, what's the moral of the story, kids? Be careful what you wish for! ;)

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